Students March in Protest at 76th Anniversary of The U.C.R.

Students from The University of Costa Rica in San Pedro marched against the appointment of the dean's daughter

A lack of regulations impeded opening an internal process against Hening Jensen. To defend their institution against a possible case of impunity and to set an example on the 76th anniversary, students and employees of The University of Costa Rica (UCR) left classes to protest this Tuesday against the decision of the University Board (CU) which determined that they will not carry out any disciplinary process against the dean of the institution, Hening Jensen, due to the abscence of certain regulations.
The decision of the institutional body was given at a special session this past Friday and prompted an investigation against Jensen for approving a budget that would place his daughter-Elena Jensen Villalobos-as a head psychologist at The Children’s Center Laboratory.
“We need to carry out the internal procedures as they are supposed to be carried out, as an example to society,” said one of the members of The CU Vladimir Sagot on the program Our Voice (Nuestra Voz in Spanish).
To accomplish this task of putting up the name of the institution it will be reqired that the previously made decisions are revoked, he explained.
The march began at nine this morning in front of The University Board main building.
“This week is very important because it’s 76 years of prestige that shouldn’t be stained. We have an enourmous compromise with the Costa Rican society, and it’s a message that here at the university things are done very differently than in other parts of the country.”
Appart from the irregularities pointed out, Sagot explained that another cause for the protest is the fault of transparency in discussing the special background of superior education.

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SOURCEAidan McMorrow
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