Strong Waves and Riptides Will Continue in the North Pacific and Caribbean Until Wednesday

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    Strong winds are generating large waves in the North Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Costa Rica, with dangerous conditions lasting until next Wednesday, especially for small boats and swimmers.

    Ocean Information Module (MIO) from the University of Costa Rica (UCR) said in a press release that due to high pressure systems in the North Atlantic and lows in South America, the winds will continue to generate choppy seas.

    Forecasts for the Caribbean indicate that wave heights will reach 3.9 meters until next Monday. This trend will start to decrease on Wednesday.

    In the North Pacific, wind gusts of 40 kph are expected to start today, with waves between 2.7 to 3.9 meters. Officials hope the waves will die down by next Tuesday.

    The MIO added that Costa Rica is getting back swells from the south Pacific and the northern region of the planet, due to extra-tropical storms in these regions.

    These surges will have strong breaks on the beaches, especially for those exposed to the open sea and to a lesser extent for those along gulfs and bays.

    The authorities called attention to small boats to take caution when navigating and asked to be cautious bathers on the beaches, as the tide of fund could generate rip currents.

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