Solís’ visit to Chile is decisive for The Pacific Alliance

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    To be part of the bloc of The Pacific Alliance (AP) or not will be decided later on through The Government Summit which is being held from June 28th to July 1st in Puerto Varas, Chile to determine whether or not integration efforts should be expanded to new businesses, an event that president Luis Guillermo Solís was invited to.

    The reunion is key to achieve a general panorama of how many of the entitled businesses there are, that may have products and services most affected by new scenarios mainly pertaining to the recent Brexit vote and then initiate negotiations from there.

    Currently the lack of information about these affected businesses impedes a clear vision of the benefits and effects that have taken place.

    New business administrations will make up a Costa Rican Business Council, which will be formed partly to observe the Business Council of The Pacific Alliance which is made up of members of businesses and trade unions from the four fellow countries (Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru).

    Without a doubt the initiative is unfavorable for representatives of the agricultural sector.

    “This only benefits importers as it has through The Treaty of Free Trade in Mexico, since that treat’s beginning we have exported the same while imports have tripled. This is why all these new businesses want to enter the bloc”, said Juan Rafael Lizano, president of the council.

    The Alliance would be a new opportunity to regain access to products in better conditions than those the aforementioned businesses have obtained in previous free trade treaties. Both Argentina and Costa Rica have expressed an interest in joining the Pacific Alliance and President Solís has stated that he feels the Pacific Alliance has implications on many Costa Rican business ventures as well.

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