Singing in the South – Singing Alive Festival in San Isidro

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    San Isidro commences its 4th year of the successful Singing Alive festival (Cantando la Vida) this weekend, January 14-16, at Finca Amrta (Organic Farm and Health Center) in the central-southern pacific coast of Costa Rica.

    Beginning early Friday morning, the southern zone’s full moon weekend will once again enliven itself in the form of workshops, teaching and sharing circles; encompassing all methods of song, chant, and dance; with nutritional communal feasting. As a yearly teaching and gathering platform, the event hosts participators as the volunteers and teachers, welcoming all forms and methods.

    Conceived on July 16, 2005 by Michael Pilarski and Morgan Brent, the events are intended to awaken communal and community passions, fostering a healthy and safe space for expressive attunement with one another, through their chosen medium of song and voice.

    The participants acting also as volunteers, incorporates the unity of a communal family with coherent workshops, events, and meals. Three days and nights are spent in various fire and altar circles of all multi-cultural and genre influences. Balanced vegetarian meals are provided three times a day among sessions of plant teachings and yoga. Some examples of sharing circles this year will feature musical breath-working, ancient languages, story shaping and telling, worldly tribal chants, various religious or spiritual exaltations, harmonic toning, and children’s circles.

    Finca Amrta can be reached by taking the San Ramon, Pedregoso bus at the San Isidro Mercado. Across from the Arizona, the farm is located down the wooden fence and gate, past a sign on a large tree on your left and a directional rock on your right reading: AMRTA. Onwards down the hill you will see the volunteer farm stay.

    The price contributes to providing your meals and stay, as well as donating to the organizers and staff who assist as childcare helpers. To attend with meals for the entire three-day weekend it is
$60 USD, or $50 in advance. Shortened stays are $20 per day including the night with your vegetarian meals, or
$10 for just the day including your meal. Children 13 and under are free, and teenagers under the age of 18 are half price.

    “We change the world as we transform ourselves with songs of light, love, peace on earth, and goodwill to all beings,” say the collaborators.

    Events like these are priceless to shaping our peaceful societies here – sparking dynamic and peaceful contributions to the communities as a whole, and nurturing the spirit of union. It manifests itself on throughout the year as new friendships, bonds, and as a sense of belonging in our home. Singing not only releases endorphins, but also engages us together in a kind of subtle, spiritual journey.

    Each year this group invites all who wish to join and nurture themselves and others in San Isidro at Finca Amrta.

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