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    Southern Costa Rica Feels 4.1 Earthquake

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - An earthquake with a magnitude 4.1 on the Richter scale was recorded yesterday in the southern part of...
    school supplies costa rica

    Quality International Education in the South Pacific, Costa Rica

    Both public schools and new private schools are strengthening their educational centers by encouraging new growth and accessibility for local families and foreign families who wish to relocate.

    Cleaning Ballena National Park: Vicinos Naccion Group

    A volunteer group, the Vicinos Naccion, has created and implemented a beach cleaning and protection education group for the three beaches of Ballena National Park: Playa Uvita, Playa Colonia, and Playa Pinuelas ecosystems.

    Uvita’s Water Resources: Issues, Players and Improvements

    After a difficult year, the progress from the major players involved is indicative of what is to come for all affected areas, notably Dominical’s surrounding rivers and polluted water supplies.
    uvita police station

    South Pacific Creates Proactive Safety Solutions With a New Police Station – Uvita, Puntarenas

    Uvita police officers have met no cross fire and have been seen as unthreatening while at the same time serving as a protective security measure in regards to the subtext of possible increased danger to the area on account of its rapid growth and progress.
    San Isidro Festival

    Singing in the South – Singing Alive Festival in San Isidro

    San Isidro commences its 4th year of the successful Singing Alive festival (Cantando la Vida) this weekend, January 14-16, at Finca Amrta (Organic Farm and Health Center) in the central-southern pacific coast of Costa Rica.
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