Sex Is The Glue in Your Relationship

Your Relationship Is Your Secret Weapon

Want to know what your secret weapon is in creating the life you want?

The absolute, most very best creative tool you have at your disposal is your intimate relationship.

This is the place you create absolute magic.

But it takes a certain kind of courage that is not for those willing to accept mediocracy.

In business, in self-actualization, and in a relationship what is needed is internal confidence. The best way to have this is through sexual confidence.

That stuff radiates.

What we see as the general norm in our societies is that most people , both men and women, grow older and do not much. As they age the sense is of giving up, letting go and allowing complacency to replace living well.

It is often thrown around that the lust wains and it is the norm that relationships become very or quite sexless.

Couples allow life to take over and consume their time that takes away from connection with one another.

Renovations, new bathrooms, bigger cars , more kids activity , another baby and a better school often take president to intimate connection. Basically sex is put on the back burner as all other things in life take over.

Basically people become quite uninteresting to one another and believe that finding some one else will do the trick.

Some one else to build business with, care for children and paint walls with. Because lets be honest. That is really all that is on offer in most relationships.

Shared Chores.

What we often forget is that we as humans actually keep on developing and this is even more so in long term relationships. Our experience is always changing. We deserve to move towards improving and re creating.

Relationships become stale and empty because of the lack of sex and intimacy.

This lack creates mistrust, numbness and resentment. Normally the go to is “counseling” to talk it all out and find ways to re connect through “activities” and other sexless moments.

Yet sex is the glue of an intimate relationship. With out much of it the space is filled with angst, nagging and many problems that arise just because there is not enough physical release between a couple. It is viewed as an act to do when they have time instead of the place you go to embalm you’re relationship.

Too little sex, way too many problems. Yet on the other hand a lot of sex will bring health and well being and happiness.

Sex is not just about techniques and sexual relationships are a personal development process.

Ask yourself .. are you with This person to deeply be involved in sensuality, intimacy, sexual contact, life changing orgasmic release .. or are you with them to have a business and house building partner ?

You can advertise in the paper for the latter .

Just remember .. if you are not willing to f**k your partner wide open and receive this from them, some one else will.

I don’t believe any one has the right to deny a human of sex just because you can’t be bothered.

Your sexual relationship is your secret weapon.

How you show up in bed is how you show up life. Either sex is waking you up or putting you to sleep. Just as your life will be.

Junk food or gourmet?

The choice is always yours.

Sex is that unpresident reset and calibration of your entire system.

To place it on the back burner is deciding to die slowly.

What is required for it highest use is absolute truth, love and conciousness.

It requires absolute courage.

This is the place of true recalibration, rejuvenation and where you are reborn

Each and every orgasm you get to remember who you truly are.

Magical and divine.

If you are a couple that is ready to shift your sex and intimate life together from fast food and last-minute experiences to gourmet and life-changing breakthroughs then contact me here to find out how.

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