Scissorhands Salon – Brand New Business in Dominical

    Be what you wanna be, even if it’s a little sinful.

    This is the slogan of the brand new hair salon, Scissorhands Salon, which opened up last week in Dominical. After talking with the owner, we understand why. We’ll explain.

    Tiffany moved to Dominical 4 years ago and started working at a hair salon in the area, but the atmosphere was not conducive to her style. She decided to start her own salon that was a little more rock ‘n roll – a little less conversation, a little more action please (thank you, Elvis).

    Tiffany’s rock ‘n roll style and special offers set her apart from other salons in the area. Scissorhands Salon was created with a view to providing a place where contemporary, fashion-forward thinking could exercise its creative edge. Progressive, not prohibitive, the salon stands truly stands “on the edge.”

    Scissorhands Salon opened last Friday, to the enjoyment of the locals. Even as Tiffany and her husband were moving things into the salon, they were getting customers. Good sign.

    Employees at Scissorhands Salon are dedicated to teamwork and cater to a variety of clients that come from all different walks of life, each with their own unique backgrounds. They also come from all over Dominical – customers from Santa Ana and Limon have already made appointments at the new salon. Now that is what we would call a loyal client.

    Tiffany invites both locals and tourists to visit her so she can give them their own unique, unparalleled style. She promotes being totally different and setting you apart from everyone else. She will never dictate to customers what they should do, and she will always tell you to embrace your eccentric nature.

    “It’s ALL about setting individual style here.”

    Scissorhands Salon offers everything you could ask for in a salon. Customers can be treated to women’s or men’s style haircuts, wet shaves, waxes, make-up application, pedicures, manicures, and more. They offer special packages for bridal showers. Oh, and you can also get a tattoo while you’re there.

    Here’s where it gets awesome. The salon has special names for each of their services.

    • Women’s regular cut = Betty
    • Men’s regular cut = Daddy-o
    • Cut & color = Hot Mess
    • Brazilian wax = Teddy Bear
    • Pedicure = Take a Load Off
    • Manicure = Polish it Off
    • Make-up session = Because I am a Girl!

    And even more than that, the salon employs the only tattoo artist in the area, Joseph. He worked with Disney for 32 years as an animator, and now he’s inking people’s bodies in Dominical with the same creativity and style. He is available by appointment, and sure to be booked up soon!

    In the future, Tiffany sees a possible expansion of her business into a franchise across Costa Rica. She is very proud of Scissorhands Salon, as she should be, and she believes she is offering something truly unique to local people and tourists.

    So, if you live in Dominical, or are traveling to the area, make sure to check out this brand new business. Go local, be unique, and show off your own personal style.

    VIAThe Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    SOURCETiana Jacobs
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