San Ramon City Council appealed for reversal endorsement contract San Jose-San Ramon

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    The San Ramon City Council submitted an appeal to the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) to suspend the endorsement of the contract for granting the expansion work on the San Jose-San Ramon route.

    A unanimous vote, council members took MSR-CM-AC-230-05-0313 directly to the Comptroller Marta Acosta, and requested an appeal to suspend the endorsement purposes of enforcing the constitutional mandate According to Article 58 of the Regulations of the General Law of Public Works Concession.

    On appeal, fights taking economic investments of public funds on the road Bernardo Soto and General Cañas saying there is no reason to justify paying tolls to a foreign company when the government itself has used public funds to repair the road.

    The coordinator of the San Ramon Brenes Paul said that one of the actions that led them to request a stay in the endorsement was that the Comptroller acknowledged that he had studied the contract before approving the endorsement.

    “It adds to what we have been saying for endorsement… they (Comptroller Office) did not even read the documentation to give the referendum … it is clear that the legislation requires the Comptroller to review proposals” said Paul.

    Brenes said “we believe that the Comptroller has been neglectful and complacent with the Ministry of Public Works (MOPT) …”

    “We hope the CGR has an attitude consistent with what has been: a transparent institution that looks after the interests of the country rather than as an organization to join the chain more failures of governments to continue providing national resources,” said Brenes.

    The Comptroller confirmed that two appeals against the endorsement one presented last March 19, which was the deadline to resolve on 9 April. And the City Council of San Ramon was presented on April 2, by which time the CGR has until April 18 to resolve.

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