Rush Limbaugh Chooses Costa Rica for Health Care

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    Coming from a conservative icon, this is a great compliment for the Central American nation.

    In March 2010, Limbaugh stated on his radio show, with listeners in the tens of millions, that he would go to Costa Rica for medical treatment if Congress passed the reforms to the US healthcare system, commonly known as Obamacare.

    To some, this choice may seem strange considering that Costa Rica possesses one of the oldest socialized healthcare systems worldwide and everyone, including expatriates living in the country, must pay a percentage into the government-run health system, whether they use it or not.  However, Limbaugh is not the first American to choose Costa Rica for medical care.

    Numerous Americans, as well as scores of citizens from other countries too, have already traveled to Costa Rica for medical and dental tourism, and it is considered to be an amazing destination.

    By some measures, the life expectancy in Costa Rica surpasses that of the United States, even though this small Central American nation spends 85% less on health care per capita.

    Its healthcare is ranked higher by some because more than 86% of the population has coverage through the government-run system; however, what has attracted numerous medical and dental tourists to Costa Rica for health and medical treatments is not the socialized healthcare, but its private healthcare sector, which provides five-star care at two-star prices.

    Foreigners travel to Costa Rica to receive high-quality medical care like that of first-world destinations, but at a fraction of the cost.

    Even the most skeptical of individuals would seriously consider getting medical treatment abroad once they discover that they can get the same high-quality procedures done for 50% to 80% less than what they would pay in their home country.

    Costa Rica’s prices are lower because all the overhead costs are lower, like labor costs; as well as because there are fewer malpractice suits.

    For example, one can get a teeth cleaning for around $45 and a general check-up for about $50.

    In Costa Rica, a regular facelift averages $5,500, while in the US these run closer to $9,000.

    A total knee replacement has a typical cost of about $12,000 in Costa Rica, but can cost as much as $45,000 in the US.

    Most of the country’s nationals use the public healthcare system, which is locally praised for its collective access yet is very often criticized for the long waiting times and significant delays in receiving many medical treatments.  In contrast, the private healthcare sector, which comprises about 15% of Costa Rica’s healthcare expenditures, excels in most every possible way, and this is why Limbaugh does not doubt traveling south for medical treatment.

    Medical tourism in Costa Rica is expected to grow by 5 to 7% over the next year, and the country is ready to welcome every patient through the growing medical tourism industry, which offers post-surgery spa services, sightseeing packages, classy hotels, and comfortable transportation among many other services.

    And to ease your trip even more, companies like Health Choices Costa Rica take care of all the in-country logistics to assure that your medical trip runs smoothly from beginning to end.

    Health Choices Costa Rica is managed and operated by Americans living in this Central American nation; thus, they possess both the local cultural knowledge as well as the understanding of US citizens’ health, living standards and expectations, helping ensure you get the treatment you need from professionals you can respect and trust, all in world class facilities, and cared for by sensitive and experienced staff.

    Just let us know how we can help, and welcome to Costa Rica!

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