Roses and Thorns at the CELAC Summit in Mexico

    The Latin American Community with its Pros and Cons

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    The course of the VI Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac) held in Mexico today, passed within the expected canons of diversity like roses among thorns. According to many delegates consulted, there were no surprises due to a few darts thrown by those who were known to do so because of their national interests.

    It was not surprising, they added, that the executives of Paraguay and Uruguay, for example, defended the Organization of American States (OAS) despite its discredit, and that they even equated it with Celac, which upset not a few of the leaders gathered in the National Palace. It was that attitude, they added, that forced Mexico’s proposal to determine the future of the OAS at this summit.

    Society above politics

    These positions also forced a change in the strategy of the summit and make it clear that the social, economic, health and other problems that the region is experiencing should be treated above the political ones, and do emphasis on what unites and not on what separates.

    Within the diversity and logical discrepancies, some members highlighted the importance of each of the 44 numerals included in the Declaration of Mexico because they express a desire for unity and mandatory integration for the defense of the interests of the region.

    A new regional institutionality

    Stating that the path foward should br resumed, but asked that it be done at a higher level, and requested that lost mechanisms begin to be recovered, such as those related to the councils of ministers of economy, health , justice and building a new regional institutionality. Debating on democracy, politics, independence, freedom, in the face of all the peoples of Latin America.

    The situation is not for anything other than unity, diversity is plurality, it is unity and the struggle of opposites as expressed by philosophical concepts, and the most important thing is that its interpretation is not only rhetorical, but also a stimulus for action, they indicated.

    This is one of the messages that Mexico tried to send when convening the summit and presenting the documents with ideas to strengthen Celac and make it a valid interlocutor for the region in all dialogue and negotiation processes.

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