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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) -Puerto Viejo is located at the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and it is known for its calm atmosphere and wonderful beaches. Interestingly, a man known as “J“ is responsible for the third most important hippie hostel in Puerto Viejo: “Rocking J’s“. This hostel offers an unsual mixture of art and fun.

    When arriving at “Rocking J’s“ the music, atmosphere, art and free coconut drinks call the visitor´s attention. This hostel is special because of its various accommodation styles: guests can choose to sleep in hammocks, tents, rooms or suites. The prices range from 7 $ to 70 $ per night. The most outstanding feature of “Rocking J’s“ is the art. There are mosaics everywhere, some of which have been designed and made by the owner and some others by his guests. The uniqueness of this hostel is that every guest has the chance of making his or her stay unforgetable by leaving ID-cards, greetings and pictures all over the place, arranged in mosaics.

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    However, “Rocking J’s“  is not only famous because of its artistic mosaics, but also because of its parties, cocktails, games, body paint and fire shows which are offered nearly every day. Also, the best way to start the day after a great party night with people from all over the world is at the restaurant. All the dishes are inexpensive but delicious, some food items include pancakes with eggs, breakfast burritos or “Gallo Pinto“, a Costa Rican traditional dish with rice and beans. Undoubtedly, those who like the hippie lifestyle will enjly their stay at “Rocking J´s“.

    Contributed by Katharina Ladstatter

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