Recommended Law would declare June 17th Father’s Day in Costa Rica

There exists a gender inequality in commemoration of dates, states legislator

The establishment of Father’s Day as a holiday recognized by law and celebrated on June 17th is the proposal laid out this Monday by representative of the Liberación Nacional party, Rolando Gonzalez.

The plan is expected to change the current situation, in which there isn’t a specific date recognized as Father’s Day other than the third Sunday of each June, nevertheless it is not an official government recognized holiday.

For the legislator, the establishment of his proposal as a law would be in line with the prevail of equality between men and women in all fields.

In terms of duties and rights, Costa Rican society addresses women as well as men in an equal manner, however, the commemorative part has become increasingly in favor of women, according to the Gonzalez.

Gonzalez claims that he will look for the support of his colleagues so that the initiative can be approved in court.

SOURCEAidan McMorrow
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