Proud to Live in Costa Rica: A Soldier’s Cry of 21st Century Socialism

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    The text below is from a recent speech made in the República of Honduras, during the International Forum “21st Century Socialism & its influence in Latin America.”


    By Juan Lopez Cordero (Retired from the Venezuelan Army).

    Honduras flag

    Very good morning President Dr. Roberto Micheletti, champion of democratic institutions in Latin America. Dr. Carmen Cecilia Pérez, organizing this important event political, fundamentally democratic; who is a brave Lady and strenuous effort fights for the recovery of democracy in Venezuela … distinguished personalities, Colleagues with whom I am proud to share this forum with such distinguished panelists.

    Response to the invitation to address this actual issue of 21st century socialism. “Defeat is constitutional” I come from the country spread freedom in this continent and in bad time today, this 21st century socialism aims to not only sink my people in the shadows of the authoritarian militarism, that aims to expand the continent.

    In Venezuela has imposed a political system with an ideology Communist Marxist who has been declining freedoms of democracy, disregarding the fundamental factors of separation of powers, private property and respect for human rights. Military coup faction headed by Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chávez, denying democracy, anti-system, neo-liberal anti,is political anti. This political power that uses the military Government has led to the ruling military element to the deterioration of military institutions.

    I think it convenient to define, among many other things that socialism is: A system of social and economic organization based on ownership and collective or State administration of the means of production.

    And socialism of the 21st century e: To appreciate the Venezuelan Hugo Chavez regime it is already 12 years with a hegemonic power in a country of immense resources and its management results are truly catastrophic.

    And this Lt. CNEL. That gave a bloody coup in 1992, which while in prison, by presidential grace was granted a stay of proceedings and he continued to perform to get power through violent. And the country and its institutions, in spite of being a coup leader you gave all the facilities to power democratically, power that he has now outright wanted to be for life. And he called the “last dictatorship” democratic period from 1958 to 1998 where we truly democratic Presidents, elected every 5 years.

    Let me outline a vision of the reality of the Soc. 21st century in Vzla:

    Venezuela lives permanently a blatant and continuous infringement from the regime of President Chávez. All sectors of society, stand the voice of warning before the totalitarian avalanche to silence all institutions and bury our democracy. From there our struggles to contribute to the restoration of the validity of the Constitution and the Executive respect what the Venezuelan people decided in the referendum of December 2, 2007, when in a national referendum proposed a reform to the Constitution and the will of the people said NO to the Cuban Communists laws package.

    Abusive way President ignores the strong pronouncement of the sovereign people the last 2D of the 2007 making illegal reforms to the Constitution. His authoritarian escalation President ordered subjects members of the previous National Assembly (the legislature shame) an enabling Act and legislation rejected in the 2007 referendum. For those Assembly elections, the opposition called abstention (No bounce, not participate) in a cluster of tricks and ventajismos such as serious abuses in the REP: several cases which, in a House room living 200 to 500 voters. And the mobilization members were elected with 15% of the electorate. Such unlawful assembly that fell in Dec. 2010 adopted already dying, an enabling Act and laws rejected in a referendum. Unworthy of the previous National Assembly members have accomplished the mandate of the vengeful master; Specifying an insult to the legitimate rights, which reiterates the undemocratic nature of the regime that we misgovern for over a decade; demonstrating a complete disregard for the will of the people.

    Similarly, Venezuelan …the and the world in general not can understand and, if the opposition won the majority in the recent election to the Assembly national 5.200.000 votes (52%) and the mobilization only obtained 4.800.000 votes (48%) is that the CNE magic trap electoral reform law, gave the 98 members mobilization and opposition 67 members I descry! Violanting the principle of proportional representation referred to in the Constitution.

    We condemn the atrocities against the rule of law. We denounce the ongoing coup and we call the democratic world to support us in the defense of the Constitution and freedom in our country.

    It is unusual, abuses and the regime rants:

    After the events of April 2002, were arrested chiefs Commissioners of police of Caracas, accused of the massacre and a “judge” gave the shameful and abominable ruling sentenced without proof to 30 years in jail innocent Commissioners and officials of the metropolitan police, who dedicated their lives to the defense of the Caracas…And the guilty gunmen are “Heroes of the revolution”?

    Labor genocide largest in history, when they launched 22,000 workers from PDVSA, without benefits, was removed their savings, homes and released their children’s schools. That evil! There are currently 70,000 employees and production is lower.

    Including acts contrary to Governors and mayors elected by the people’s will. Unusual is the infringement unleashed against the Caracas metropolitan Mayor Dr. Antonio Ledesma who was elected with the highest number of votes nationwide and not allowed to not set foot in the Metropolitan Palace. And the master named finger to a single authority of Caracas, giving him all the powers and resources of the Metropolitan City Hall.

    An agricultural producer, Mr. Franklin Brito, then that he was “expropriated” his small estate and multiple before efforts to recover, testing your productivity… It was not the Government’s response. . only deception. Declared strike hunger and it was left to die. The Venezuelans and the world look at the pain of that man who progressively consumed his robust body… There was no mercy to the pain and his family. Venezuela rages a repressive plan, directed by Chávez to frighten people. This authoritarian regime has unleashed a persecution against the Venezuelans that we do not share this corrupt, Government disaster shamelessly using the judiciary against democratic dissent.

    In my country, there are scores of political prisoners, exiles hundreds and thousands of Venezuelans who have fled to other countries in the world in search of peace and improved living conditions. An emblematic case, Afiuni the judge, be in line of duty and justice, once the accused turned 2 years detained without trial, sentence to continue the trial in freedom and the master of all powers ordered prison to the Court; which he fulfilled within minutes and that you apply not 30 years, but 35 years in prison to the judge; who remained confined in a small Dungeon, sick, without the right to receive the Sun of the day, only when it is carried handcuffed to the audience. This justice, martyr was taken out of the Dungeon to be operated on February 3 at the oncological Hospital of Caracas and is recovering. Another act written in small letters in the history of disgrace is members elected and set forth; that by law they enjoy immunity… and political persecution are behind bars of this barbarity Dhaka.

    It is already common in my country, the appalling spectacle of strike hunger, protests, etc. Demanding justice. Presidential fury runs the Republic, hits our democratic reservations and frightens us the worst of the revenge desire an autocrat of bury our freedom and our inherent desire to live in peace.

    Remember also the interventions against private property takes of factories, invasion of farms, etc. The waste of public money and royalties abroad, having so much poverty in Venezuela and many gaps in health, education, roads and especially the people died in the hands of the underworld. During the autocratic Government have killed more than 150,000 people, which make us the most violent country. During the year 2010 were killed 19,600 people, over 2 deaths every hour equals 50 daily; murders. . This Soc. of the 21st Century. This is the Soc. of the S. XXI.

    Also, do not ignore the economic destruction of the country, the ruin of the basic enterprises, inefficient management of petroleum Venezuela and all the State institutes and scandalous acts of corruption at all levels.

    Land and factory production confiscated, they cease to be productive by poor management and the result is scarcity, famine and inflation. Currently Venezuela matter corn, coffee, rice, meat, etc. . items we previously exported.

    The institutional establishment abroad has offended more rude way. All the powers of the nation are slaves that obey the vagaries of the master. Also, the shame of Venezuela abroad, friendship with terrorist countries, support for ETA, ELN. FARC, because he asked the world be recognized as army belligerent. I also remember that the current President of the National Assembly, former guerrilla was who unveiled a statue of Colombian criminal Marulanda, in the January 23 parish in Caracas, after his death.

    Intended for life President has offered the Venezuelan territory to install a Base of the Russian forces in our country. (And Art. 13 of the national Constitution: “the territory not may be never assigned, nor in any way to foreign States.”) (“May be in the Military Bases”). President Chávez ally organizations and terrorist countries, expresses a wild United States of American hatred and continuously is resolving potential enemies of United States which is the first world power. And materialize this hatred, a conflagration against USA.UU. It would be the extermination of humanity under the nuclear power that would. THAT DANGER! The “lifetime” attacks and insults to Presidents of friendly Nations and his brothers are hanged Saddam Hussein, the mass murderer of Sudan, Fidel and dictators of Belarus, Korea of the North, Iran, Libya, etc.

    Export Communist revolution thanks to money from the Venezuelan; as he wanted to do in this beautiful Honduran country. I must congratulate the exemplary democratic conduct of the Honduran institutions , the glorious military and President Roberto Micheletti, who give faithful compliance with its Constitution, saved the barbarity of the socialism of the 21st century Honduras. And for whom I am well deserved applause.

    In Venezuela the people suffers from many shortcomings as the drama of housing: over 2 million families living in subhuman conditions. The Government has built an average of 26,000 homes per year and will require no less than 200,000 homes each year to find a solution to this tragedy. And this autocrat in his “report and account” year 2010 offered the astronomical lie of 350,000 housing in 2 years

    There is a permanent violation of constitutional rules for public servants. Chavez is the most aggressive President, insults and insulting to the more senior hierarchs of the Catholic Church, without any consideration and has been grossly offended many personalities from the continent.

    Approval precipitated in the last days of the month of Dec. 2010 a law enabling unlimited and a Cuban Communist laws package constitutes a serious constitutional coup because these laws promote a State other than that referred to in the Constitution.

    President Chávez came to power through elections, but has been misused blatantly, destroying the appliance production and the country. We have higher inflation on the planet, 30% annual… and on the continent are between 2 and 5%. In addition all countries worldwide have overcome the economic crisis of 2008 and 2009 and continuing decrease in Venezuela. What paradox! As we have more elevated income with a price of $90 per barrel oil. Commander President manages to not only pleases the nation budget and revenues from PDVSA; but also the reserves of the country, the Central Bank and in revenue includes the value of a barrel of oil at $40 and the annual average is $86, apart from managing a parallel budget. Not accountable to anyone! … An omnipotent King.! In addition to the abuses of the Almighty, let’s…


    For Bolivia: roads, housing, strong military aircraft, helicopters, economic bonds to the military, etc. and 170 modern ambulances. And is that in Venezuela, hundreds of municipalities have neither a.

    For Nicaragua:, …also gave 14 power plants and in Venezuela we will light all day.

    To Cuba: imagine, now sells oil, our …the and currently a submarine fiber optic towards cable is installed Cuba.

    An Ecuador: is another of the beloved of our President, let us Colombia on use of the self-defense bombed the camp of the FARC where Raúl Reyes ran the war. ..and…Hugo Chávez broke off diplomatic relations and ordered the deployment of the air force to the border and ordered mobilization of ten battalions. An act of war!

    With the money, which has given, it is estimated over 69,000 million dollars, 2,000,000 homes had built for poor families. But in Venezuela not been nor national infrastructure maintenance… and in year 2010 their gifts amounted to 13,500 million dollars, exporting its revolution.


    According to the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the armed forces are at the service of the Republic and not of any political bias, therefore not can be seen as Government PSUV party armed wing, but as an institutional bastion.

    “Chávez has imposed by irrefutable order an abusive slogan of the armed forces. “This homeland…”Socialism or death” phrase to pronounce in compulsory manner previously to salute military, which sounds vaunted mind at all military installations. Officers were sent to carry out training courses in Cuba and developed countries not as it was done previously, to United States, England, France, Germany or Italy.

    Procuratorial:… over the last decade, have undergone substantial changes, the hegemony of the militaristic authoritarian regime of Lt. CNEL. President, as part of the democratic regression boosts Hugo Chávez; who subjugating the military interests and aims of the political project of socialism or communism; strengthening a militia political, armed; to defend this anachronistic socialism of the 21st century or copied Castro-communism from Cuba.

    Military dominance policy has made the military member bureaucrat of the Dhaka, Government placing military in a frank and dangerous regression, transposing and trying to export this situation in Latin America.

    In the military, especially in their leaders; growing ideological consolidation Communist Castro as Lt. Colonel President publicly criticizing the commanders and officers calling them Socialist and anti-imperialist, process hasten destroyer and radical; back to large currents post-modern in the world. That armed component showing even a relative degree of professionalism, are being subjected to a process of ideological penetration, uptake and corruption very risky; leading to his transmutation as militia, which will decrease the capacity military to pretend to lead the military element in the image and likeness of Cuba. Allowing grow public insecurity, armed groups shutdown in Venezuelan territory and the serious threat of drug trafficking.

    Continue de-professionalization the military as armored Corps near a militia under the command of the Executive becomes instrument of political power over that of the nation-State. As a result, it is moving towards militias like the Communist as the former Soviet Union, Cuba or Iran. This improper handling of the military through the enactment of two organic laws of the National Navy force is the achievement by the Lt. CNEL. President de-professionalization the military with ideological politics Dhaka, exist a large number of soldiers at all levels of government administration and occupy the most dissimilar civilian responsibilities. The change achieved in recent years by the militaristic authoritarian regime of Lt. CNEL. coup leader, now with military rank of Commander in Chief; It is part of the democratic regression promoting the militarization of society

    Brought infringement carried out with the support of the military force, invasions and confiscation of private property and attacks on freedom of expression, are a flagrant violation of human rights and crimes against humanity, which do not prescribe; therefore the military commanders involved in these actions are complicit in these crimes and will be called upon to respond to justice.

    Chávez is dangerously abused the patience of Venezuelans and this pressure which we subjected on a daily basis, increases the rejection and anger of citizens. And we must be prepared before a national explosion. But we should remember the words of the Liberator Simón Bolívar, “Damn the soldier that uses weapons against the people” to our armed forces.

    This “DERROCAR ES CONSTITUCIONAL” Overthrow is constitutional agenda very important point, I must say that in a formal democracy, how to replace a legitimate and constitutional Government, it is the choice for popular direct and secret ballot. However, this general principle may be altered if the Government in Office, yet emerged from popular vote… was illegitimate in his acts. And that a Government is democratic, there must be an absolute respect for the Constitution and the rule of law; which includes full separation and independence of powers, respect for human rights and… The alternative in the exercise of power; Said Simon Bolívar: “Nothing is as dangerous as leaving long stay in power for a citizen, people tend to obey him and him, it is customary to send it;” “where originates the usurpation and tyranny.” In Venezuela, the master is the owner of all powers. Does not respect the Constitution and no State law; Currently in Venezuela, a man full of power and money, not to switch power, among other things because the judgment of history will be severe for the damage made by the Venezuelan nation and its people.

    Article 350 of the fundamental text of the Republic provides that: the Venezuela people, faithful to his Republican, tradition to his struggle for peace and freedom, disconcert any regime, legislation or authority that it contradicts the values, principles and democratic guarantees or undermine human rights. On the other hand, article 333 of the magna letter says: extend citizens or non-authority, are obliged to restore the actual validity of the Constitution are two constitutional mandates which allow us to fight for the restoration of freedom and democracy. Lt. Coup Colonel knows it approaching the hour of its accountability Court history and to national and international criminal justice. We are all people that we love live in peace, and as it as we choose; … remove it!!

    I must conclude briefly. With 3 serious very recent signals:

    Conference Episcopal Venezuelan: reads: “the Government is creating a dangerous situation, the package of laws approved by the National Assembly in December creates a very serious political situation since it seeks to impose a totalitarian socialist system”.

    Mr. Arturo Valenzuela. Secretary of the United States for Latin America expressed: “powers granted to Chávez by outgoing National Assembly are a measured anti-democracy that violate the Inter-American Charter of the OAS” and also “events in Venezuela pose serious concerns”. Also, remember that Mr. Secretary-General of the OAS has expressed great concern.

    In its annual Human Rights Watch, says: the domination exercised President Chavez on the judicial system… and the weakening of democratic values, are leaving the human rights and freedom of the press in a precarious situation.

    Finally, in response to the different classifications of forms of Government; Victor Hugo in his Les Misérables, defines the mob rule, as the Government of the crowd, the crowd, and the common people. Others go further, and sea… degeneration of democracy, and degeneration of democracy is the tyranny.

    But the most powerful empires of the world disappeared and an early morning, the justice shall shine in Venezuela; as we continue to strengthen democratic unity across the country. We will introduce a single candidate and a single card. While in my country, a single Venezuelan able see evil and stand up, hope, because we’re in chap. give our life and confront evil, to give our children a homeland free.

    Our weapon against this barbarity is and will be: the Constitution, the voting and democratic resistance Venezuela institutional restitution is inexorable!!


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