Project to make visible “Virtual Harassment of Minors” advances in the Costa Rican National Assembly

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    Initiative seeks to declare November 13th as the National Day to Combat Grooming

    The initiative to declare November 13th as the “National Day of the Fight against Grooming”, was ruled this Tuesday in the Commission on Youth, Children, and Adolescents of the National Legislative Assembly.

    Bill 21.623 also seeks to make the problem of grooming visible, that is, the actions carried out by an adult through the Internet, to gain the trust of a minor and thus have some benefit of a sexual nature.

    For the Protection of our Children
    “To dictate this project is a significant step in the protection of children. It makes this type of abuse that is committed against minors visible”, said the deputy of the ruling party, Catalina Montero.

    For the liberationist deputy María José Corrales, president of the Commission, acts of awareness are relevant to combat the scourges. “This project is an issue that allows us to put on the table an important discussion in society in general, because we are aware that this type of act occurs in different settings of our society,” said the congresswoman.

    Shirley Díaz, said that it is increasingly urgent to have strategies to counter this type of harassment of minors. “There is more and more influence of people with bad intentions on the children of our country,” said the Christian Socialist. This proposal will be known in the following days by the Legislative Plenary, where the deputies may modify it.

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