PriceSmart Opens its Doors in Liberia, Guanacaste

New location generates 125 direct jobs

After two decades of offering Costa Ricans a different option to make their purchases, the North American company PriceSmart announces that it is officially opening its eighth club, this time in Liberia, located in the Solarium, opposite the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport, in Guanacaste, Liberia.

A new alternative in the shopping experience
On a 21,000 m2 plot, a construction area of 6,600 m2 and a green area of 5,400 m2, PriceSmart Liberia has an investment of US $ 16 million, and started construction back in August 2019 generating around 120 jobs during its construction period.

It will offer members of the community more than 1,800 high-quality products, ranging from groceries and fresh products, roasting and bakery products and Member’s Selection products (the selection of exclusive PriceSmart products), including electronics, audio, video, office supplies, clothing, also items for hotels and restaurants.

The new branch of PriceSmart has a space for Gourmet Donuts from Joko Loko, also an Optician, where members will be able to recieve free eye exams and purchase glasses at low costs, as well as a fast food service court and a Car Tires area that will provide tire alignment and nitrogen services.

Protecting the health of clients and employees
Like all PriceSmart clubs, the Liberia club offers confidence, both to collaborators and members, through the application of strict protection, hygiene, and social distancing measures. Which have been implemented from the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, and strengthened day by day.

Some of these actions are:
○ Club staff equipped with masks and gloves for personal protection of both employees and members. Installation of acrylic protectors at the payment points and in other areas of direct attention to members for avoiding contact.
○ Deep disinfection and spray of all club areas, in addition to other cleaning measures to disinfect areas and elements such as entrances, handrails, bathrooms, surfaces that come into contact with people, boxes, gondolas, floors, market carts, and baskets, among others.
○ Signage to keep a minimum distance.
○ Security between parties, at cash registers.
○ Capacity rules that allow members to travel at a safe distance that protects their health.
○ Application of strict protocols in distribution centers, logistics chains, and transportation.

The shopping club that respects the environment
PriceSmart Liberia, officially opened Monday, June 17th, and has been built to reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact of the operation. The product refrigeration system used has a controller (a microprocessor) that evaluates the amount of refrigeration necessary to maintain the adequate temperature of the food, allowing a considerable reduction in energy consumption.

The building is 100% intelligent in all its electromechanical systems and controls all of the building’s operating systems, from lighting, air conditioning to water measurement, among others. The store’s roof is reflective and Energy Star certified, designed to take advantage of natural light during the day and incorporates remotely programmed and monitored LED lighting systems to ensure better efficiency. All this achieves a reduction of 34 Tons of CO2, which is equivalent to planting 1,122 trees per year. Natural ventilation seeks to reduce the use of air conditioning systems.

According to Sherry Bahrambeygui, CEO of PriceSmart, “after two decades of offering our services to Costa Ricans, we are happy to announce the opening of this new Club, expanding our service offer for our members in the Northern Zone.” And he added: “PriceSmart Liberia is part of our plan to transcend the Costa Rican market. Our philosophy is based on the constant improvement of the Shopping experience of our partners, offering products and services of the highest quality at the best possible value.”

“Thanks to the receptiveness of our members, we can proudly affirm that we have managed to be the benchmark Purchasing Club in its way of consumption since we arrived at Costa Rican soil and it is our intention to continue to be so”, stated the CEO.

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