President Highlighted that Costa Rica is Strong, Fights and Resists

    During his New Year’s address to the nation

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    President Carlos Alvarado affirmed that Costa Rica has been strong, struggles and resists with its essence intact and urged all political forces to unite to overcome the difficult economic situation caused by COVID-19.

    “2020 put our resilience to the test and has forced us to change, to work harder, to seek other solutions, to give the best of our scientists and technicians, to make sacrifices, to take nothing for granted and to still think more in the most vulnerable people,” said Alvarado.

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    In a message to the nation for the New Year on radio and television, he stressed that “Costa Rica has been strong, it fights and resists with courage. It continues to be a caring, humanistic and warm country, yearning for a new year with better possibilities for each and everyone”.

    Strong challenges

    He recalled that COVID-19 has claimed more than two thousand lives in the country, has pushed our hospitals to the limit, brutally hit the economy, people’s pockets and has faced us with unthinkable challenges just a few months ago. Therefore, he asked the different political forces to unite and help each other to overcome that challenge.

    Be grateful

    The Costa Rican President invited all citizens to take a moment to thank and acknowledge the sacrifice and gift of service of those who will receive the year working on the front line of combat and care of the health emergency.

    He stressed that despite the experience, the inter-institutional articulation work allowed Costa Rica to be the seventh country in the world to start vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus, the cause of Covid-19, an action that began on the 24th of December.

    After indicating that immunization represents the journey of much of the way in terms of ending the Pandemic, the Tico president called on the population not to lower their guard with regards to the health measures against COVID-19.

    At another point in his message, Alvarado exalted that 2021 is of great significance for Costa Rica, as it commemorates “the bicentennial of the history and independent life of our Homeland”. In this regard, he assured that Costa Rica receives its 200th anniversary on the battlefield, with great challenges, with great hopes, and with the certainty that we will be able to overcome the difficulties that concern and occupy us today”.

    “The New Year 2021 begins with the hope of a better tomorrow”, he sustained and reiterated his commitment to work tirelessly for a better nation and greater well-being for all.

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