Preparing For Vacation Rentals In Upcoming High Season

Tips both the property owner and the renter should be aware of

As Costa Rica is approaching High Season (December – March or April), it is common for many people to start looking for 1-2 week rentals to come here to enjoy some fun in the sun and relaxation in an amazing location.  These types of vacation rentals are called temporary rentals or short-term rentals, and have some specific characteristics that are important to know.

The first, in contrast to long-term leases for permanent residential purposes, these types of vacation rentals are not governed by the general laws for urban and suburban leases.  Therefore, the terms and conditions almost completely replace those found in long-term contracts.   Which adds even more weight to the importance of having a written contract, in Spanish, that is clear and complete in the details of short-term vacation rentals.  In these types of contracts, there is usually a fixed price per day or for the length of the stay.

It has other similarities to a tourist accommodation contract in a number of its clauses.  For example, this type of vacation rentals contract usually asks for a deposit to be made at the time of making the reservation, and the deposit is usually not refundable in the case of a cancellation before a set date.  It also usually requires the use of a credit card number or bank deposit for a damage deposit, in the case of any damage sustained to the home, property, or furnishings.  It is advisable that you get clear details on what is and what is not included in this damage deposit.  For these types of vacation rentals, the house is usually fully furnished and equipped, and there is usually an inventory of furnishings and their condition that will be verified before you begin the rental period.

It is also common to have an attachment which outlines any regulations that relate to specific restrictions on vacation rentals, such as the maximum number of people, the use of certain equipment, and any special care that may be required on the equipment.  It is considered a good idea to have a civil liability insurance clause for any damages.  It is also common with these types of vacation rental contracts to include a clause relating to maintenance and cleaning services.  Other services outlined in the contract may include cable or satellite television and internet connection, even if these services may be considered optional and/or additional.  The rental contract should clearly state the dates of arrival and departure, the procedure for the ‘hand-over’ of the rental unit, and the verification process on the condition of such items as the appliances, the furnishings, the grounds, and the pool for example.

It is important for those who do rent their units, homes, or apartment, as vacation rentals to be aware there are certain tax requirements they must comply with as the rental is considered a commercial activity for profit.

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