Police Go Above and Beyond with Special Christmas Operations

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    Costa Rica’s Fuerza Pública embraced the spirit of Christmas through several heart-warming service projects this past week.

    Honor, Discipline and Service: the three top values of the Costa Rican Public Forces. Their vision?

    [quote_center]To be professional, trustworthy and integral police force for the community so as to form a culture of human safety.[/quote_center]

    While their tasks typically involve criminal apprehension and law enforcement, a few members of the team decided to pay some extra respect to the last of the three values, service.

    Food to the Homeless

    For many who are homeless, the sight of police can invoke a sense of fear. Nevertheless, the Costa Rican public forces went out with hearts of compassion last Thursday.

    Translation: [quote_box_center]In a gesture of love we went to the streets of San Ramon #Alajuela this Christmas Eve to give out food to those in need[/quote_box_center] According to their Facebook: “Some were surprised that instead of confiscating drugs, weapons or detaining individuals with accounts with the law, we were there instead to bring them food.”

    Toys to Orphans

    Christmas Eve was made just a little bit brighter this year for the orphans of Hospicio de Huérfanos Hogar Infantil in Azul en Turrialba too.

    El constante trabajo que realizamos va más allá de las detención y los decomisos que ejecutamos a diario, en esta ocasió…

    Posted by Fuerza Pública de Costa Rica on Thursday, December 24, 2015

    [quote_box_center]The constant work we do goes much further than the arrests and confiscations we do daily, on this occasion we were given the the task of bringing joy to the minors under the shelter of the Hospicio de Huérfanos Hogar infantil in Azul en Turrialba. The children thought it would be impossible to get a gift this Christmas, but the police force made their dream come true. Officers from the Regional Anti-Drug Program #PRAD and the Operative Unity of #Turrialba, conscious of the desire of all the children to receive some sort of toy during this season, organized a collection between departments so as to deliver to the kids. #WeAreThePeopleWhoTakeCareOfYou[/quote_box_center]

    Gifts to the Needy

    Then, on Christmas Day, officers knocked on the doors of people in Corredores, one of Costa Rica’s most underdeveloped regions located along the southern border.

    Familias fueron sorprendidas cuando a primeras horas del día los oficiales de la zona de Corredores visitaron sus…

    Posted by Fuerza Pública de Costa Rica on Friday, December 25, 2015

    [quote_box_center]Families were surprised when officials arrived during the early hours to the Corredores zone to visit their homes, but this time not to notify, nor apprehend anyone, but rather to bring them a Christmas gift. Conscious of the needs of various families with very few resources… the officers organized and actualized a collection between police departments to provide basic living products to the families. #WeAreThePeopleWhoTakeCareOfYou[/quote_box_center]

    The List Goes On

    In addition to patrolling the Topes, the Fiestas de Zapote, the acts above and all other Holiday festivities, Costa Rican officers of the law also found time for the following.

    Translation: [quote_box_center]We surprised low-income family from #CiudadNeily with gifts of new bikes and a basket of necessities.[/quote_box_center]

    [quote_box_center]#Liberia officers adopted 10 families in extreme poverty to bring them food and toys #MerryChristmas[/quote_box_center]

    In the end, it would seem that Santa does not always wear red when distributing holiday joy. Sometimes, he comes in black.

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