“People Who Do Not Attend On Time for Their Second Vaccine Against COVID-19 Will Lose It”, Warns Tico Health Authorities

    The CCSS ask citizens to set their alarms or put a note on the refrigerator as reminders for the day of the appointment

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    The Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) began with the vaccination against COVID-19 to the population over 58 years of age, a process that will intensify as of next week. For that reason, the authorities require the commitment of people to comply with the scheme on the days indicated.

    People who do not assist in the exact 21 days for their second dose will lose the possibility of obtaining it. This was clearly stated by the Caja’s Epidemiological Surveillance doctor, Diana Paniagua. The expert also recalled that immunization against SARS-CoV-2 is achieved with the two doses placed.

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    “In order to achieve the maximum necessary immunity, both the first dose and the second are in order, so it is important that the population has that shared responsibility according to the world situation to have that second dose that is required. We urge the entire population to go to the health center when they are told to apply the second dose.

    “Now there are many means to be able to remember that we have an appointment and so on, so use cellular media, put the appointment in the refrigerator or please tell a child or a relative if you have the appointment for that second dose,” said the doctor. Complying with the accuracy of the date is necessary by indication of the vaccine developers who “insist that it be exactly 21 days later,” said the expert.

    Strict date compliance

    Each vaccinated person will receive a registration card and in it the next date on which they must appear to complete the schedule and the desired immunization will be noted. “In case the person does not show up after the 21 days, unfortunately we cannot apply that second dose and that second dose will have to be applied to another person,” added Paniagua.

    In the case of those already infected

    In the CCSS they remember that if a person was already infected with COVID-19, they have to wait 90 days to be able to apply the vaccines. In the case of people who received the first vaccine and were infected, they must wait -also- 90 days after their recovery to reactivate the scheme and receive their second vaccine.

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