Panama President says Latin America is Land of Opportunity

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    Latin America News – Panama President Ricardo Martinelli, said while visiting Paris that Latin America is a “land of opportunity” and asked other leaders in the region who, like him, traveling to Europe to promote their countries and not miss opportunities to focus on their domestic markets.

    “Latin America is a land of opportunity and I have come to Europe to promote Panama,” Martinelli said in the closing speech of the fifth edition of the International Económio Forum Latin America and the Caribbean held in the French capital.

    Continuing Martinelli said “lost many opportunities for years” now “we are no longer spectators to become actors.”

    He noted that with its growth rate, the region will not only raise the standard of living of their citizens and reduce inequalities, but also constitutes a vector of growth for a Europe now in crisis.

    He said that, in the case of Panama, is a countries that has reduced poverty, progression of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) this year will continue to grow “over 10%”, and has “a plan strong and very healthy investment “.

    The president placed the emphasis on the Panama Canal which represents 8% of GDP, and once their expansion will allow lower costs of shipping freight and tourism represents the main source of income.

    He referred to the connection capabilities through new airport infrastructure, enabling daily flights to 83 destinations, as well as other aspects that make Panama implantation site for large multinationals.

    Based on a report by EFE,

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