Over ¢4400 Million Invested in Security

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    Improving the safety of all people living in Costa Rica is one of the priorities of the government. For that reason, the National Directorate of Community Development (DINADECO) has invested over ¢4400 millions in community security thus far.

    The money has been used in the construction and renovation of police stations, the installation and improvement of street lighting, the installation of surveillance systems, the reclaiming of public spaces, and the improvement of community infrastructure around the country.

    In Costa Rica there are more than 3,300 community development organizations committed to the development of our country. Their priority is to work on issues relevant to the community, being safety the most important one.

    “In DINADECO we have taken on the task of supporting the organization and community initiative, devoting a significant percentage of the allocated resources to funding projects that ensure the security of communities,” said Shirley Calvo Jimenez, Director of DINADECO.

    Community participation leads to solutions to common problems. It allows improving the condition of public spaces, setting up guideless on how to act in case of emergency situations, creating recreational spaces for the young, and others.

    The Minister of Public Security, Mario Zamora, was delighted by investments made in community development in the country. This has allowed for greater coordination between the Costa Rica Police Force and communities, thus improving safety levels throughout the country.

    All resources invested by DINADECO were channeled through community development associations that are responsible for administering the funds, planning community development projects, and handling the budget designated to the execution of these projects.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose Costa Rica

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