Ombudsman Expects Approval For Costa Rica IVF

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    Ofelia Taitelbaum, the Defensoría de los Habitantes (Ombudsman’s office), expressed confidence that the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Inter-American Court) will order the ban on in vitro fertilization, lifted.

    “We believe that the Court will rule in favor of lifting the ban on in vitro fertilization (…) people will understand that this is about rights and MPs need to realize that they must do a bill according to our times, ” Ofelia said at a news conference.

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    The 5th and 6th of September the CorteIDH made at its headquarters in Costa Rica, the Costa Rican government hearing against the case known as “Artavia Murillo and others v. Costa Rica”, brought by several families.

    The lawsuit seeks to remove the prohibition of IVF established by the Constitutional Court in 2000, when it considered that this technique violates the rights of the unborn.
    After the hearing, in which judges will hear from the alleged victims and representatives of the State, the Court shall give one month so that the parties submit their written closing arguments and issue a ruling later this year, as explained by the presiding judge The Peruvian Diego Garcia-Sayan.

    For Costa Rican Ombudsman, the State has discriminated against women with the ban on in vitro fertilization and has violated the right to equality and non-discrimination, health, reproductive health and scientific progress.

    The Ombudsman issued a report to the Inter-American Court setting out its position without being part of the process but under the legal concept of Amicus Curiae (friend of the Court).
    The reproductive technique in vitro fertilization in Costa Rica faces opposition from the Catholic Church, other religious groups, political parties and civil society groups, who believe that violates the rights of the unborn and human life.

    “Today, science has come a long way and with this technique now are fertilized ova or two and these are the ones that are implanted (in the womb of the woman.) No longer speak to discard (fertilized eggs),” said the defender of the people.

    Costa Rica is the only country which prohibits American IVF, a practice which is considered as the main treatment for infertility when other methods of assisted reproduction have failed.

    The Government of Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla, tried in 2011 to approve several bills to open a window that technique, but all failed in Congress.


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