Northern Costa Rica: The Road Less Traveled

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    Northern Costa Rica is one of the less traveled regions in Costa Rica and is home to agricultural farms, national parks, bio-reserves and large cattle ranches. The slow relaxed, rural lifestyle of this region has been attracting foreign real estate buyers that are in search of peace, tranquility and Eco living in authentic Costa Rican flavor. The regions large number of easily accessible national parks and wildlife refuges, attracts nature and Eco lovers from all over Costa Rica and abroad.

    The diverse geography of the Northern region includes wetlands, jungles, rainforests, cloud forests, and river systems the give rise to a plethora of flora and fauna as well as spectacular attractions such as waterfalls and canyons.

    What has been attracting the attention of eco and rural tourists as well as real estate investment is the fact that much of the area is tourist-trap free and offers an authentic Costa Rican rural lifestyle on a “road less traveled”.

    I met a local farmer while visiting the area, named Hans who owns a small farm of 3 manzanas (approx. 5.2 acres) in Bijagua, Northern Costa Rica that overlooks the Tenorio Volcano National Park who recently put his property up for sale. Hans is a German immigrant that came to Costa Rica over 30 years ago. I asked Hans how much has changed in the region over past decade.

    “Not much, except we have a few Eco lodges now and we are starting to see a few more tourist and real estate buyers moving into the area.” said Hans.

    I asked Hans what he predicts for the area over the coming decade. Hans replied, “Well, I think everyone around here feels the area will see a boom of people looking for the real Costa Rica, for quiet rural areas that offer easy access, and plenty of untouched paradise, and prices not being driven by over development.”

    What makes your property unique, I asked?

    “Definitely, the price, which is very low compared to many of the tourist regions, like the Central Pacific, as well we have the Tenorio Volcano National Park and the Rio Celeste right here which is one the most bio diverse regions in Costa Rica.”, Hans said. (Click here to view this real estate in Bijagua.)

    The Tenorio Volcano National Park forms part of the Arenal Tilaran Conservation Area. The center piece of the Park is the volcano itself, majestically towering over the rich tropical rain forests surrounding the volcano. The Tenorio Volcano is located about 25 miles northeast from the town of Fortuna in the Guanacaste Province, a region most know for the famous Arenal Volcano.

    Tenorio Volcano is made up of four volcanic peaks and two craters. The stunning Rio Celeste (Light Blue River) is turned blue due to the sulfur from the volcano and calcium carbonate.

    Legend has it, that when the Gods finished painting the rain forest and the Tenorio Volcano, they painted the skies and then they dipped their paint brushes into the river which turned the river its beautiful light blue color. Thermal hot springs are found throughout the area as well as rivers, waterfalls, lagoons and panoramic views second to none in Costa Rica. The higher elevations of the park are primary cloud forest, while the lower regions are thick with lush rain forest. The region is renowned for its array of wildlife with hundreds of bird and animals species like the Tapir and Puma as well as illusive Jaguar.

    If you are thinking about your next eco experience or looking for that perfect piece of paradise for retirement consider Northern Costa Rica and discover its unique beauty.

    Article by Terrence Johnson

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose Costa Rica

    Resonance Costa Rica
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