New Tico TV Program Highlights “Naivety” By the General Population with Regards to Politics

    “Citizens Without Shame” premiered this week and airs at 8:00 p.m.

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    Is government and state the same? And where does the Executive Power enter into that equation? Perhaps at some point you have encountered this doubt, but in order not to look like the fool of the group, let it pass. The good thing is that the blush is saved at that moment, the bad thing is that ignorance will continue to remain.

    To make better decisions as active parts of a society, it is essential to get rid of grief and be better informed. With an eye on that objective, “Ciudadanos sin Verguenza” (citizens without shame) is born, the new television space of TDMás 2 that premiered this past Monday at 8:00 p.m. It could be said that the program is a safe space, where no question is silly and rather opens a debate so that at the end of each episode, the audience ends with an acquired knowledge.

    To celebrate naivety

    René Picado Riba is one of the executive producers of Citizens Without Shame and explains that the idea arises from the need to provide civic information based on a debate that draws more on theory and less on opinions.

    “It is a program that celebrates ignorance in a good way. We should not feel sorry for not asking, but rather for remaining in doubt. From TDMás we want to contribute to political training, but without partisan or electoral overtones,” said Picado.

    Relevant topics

    The space combines interviews, special guests, explanatory videos and infographics to enrich the audience’s learning. The topics will move in the spectrum State and government, division of powers, citizen participation, the Political Constitution, ideologies, the secular state, among others.

    Antonio Jiménez Rueda, executive producer, stressed that there is a content gap of this type for a younger population, so it was also a challenge in terms of the format to attract this audience. This is how clear language and the use of visual elements were the best response.

    Young people

    “The bulk of the Costa Rican electorate is young people, and politics understood beyond elections and parties, is a matter that is in the hands of these young people in Costa Rica. Traditionally, political spaces have been aimed at older people, It is not a matter that is spoken in terms for young people or that it is consumed by them,” said the communicator.

    Jiménez added that, in its mission to train citizens, this new project expects a more active audience. “That people dare to be able to ask more, to be informed. At a table with friends they can debate not from personal opinion but from knowledge, that they can get out of that vicious circle of public debate that does not listen to the other because they think differently.”

    Social responsibility

    For his part, Picado added that TDMás has assumed the responsibility of contributing to a better society through the formation of its audiences, which is why they have been incorporating content beyond sports.

    “TDMás and TDMás 2 are channels that are expanding their content offering at the same time as their coverage with the incorporation of cable companies in different parts of the country, such as San Carlos (with Coopelesca) and Guanacaste (with CoopeGuanacaste). It seems necessary to us Furthermore, the topics that Citizens without Shame will deal with are appropriate for our audiences,” he said.


    The first episode that premiered this Monday is “idiōtēs”, a term that the Greeks used to identify citizens who did not participate in the life of the city. From there we will start to learn the difference between state and government, as well as the elements that make them up. In its first stage, Citizens Without Shame will be broadcast for a whole year. Each week there will be a new hour-long episode.
    “At TDMás we have differentiated ourselves by opening spaces in national television production to content that the population demands and that regularly must spend a lot of time to have a place on other traditional platforms, being an opportunity to be useful to our viewers and at the same time enrich the diversity of content in the programming ”, said the production manager and host of the new space, Bernal Fonseca.

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