New Casino Resort in Costa Rica Could be a Massive Boost for Tourism

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When thinking of spots for mega casino resorts, places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Macao spring to mind. These gambling hubs have grown to worldwide notoriety thanks to the sheer number and size of the casinos there. Now it looks as though Costa Rica could be about to turn into the next big gambling destination. There are plans in progress for a sprawling new casino-resort in Limon Province, set to be named Casino City Caribe. The project is projected to cost a whopping US$400 million to complete and, when it is finished, has the potential to provide a major boost to tourism in the country.

What do we Know About the Casino so far?

Casino City Caribe is a multi-casino venture being built in the city of Moin, with construction already underway. The gigantic entertainment resort is set to feature three casino hotels, a riverboat casino, a freshwater marina, and a conference center. This should help to attract all classes of the visitor, from high rollers entertaining business clients to solo travelers looking for a bit of fun. In addition to the hotels, there will be 240 beachfront apartments and 180 vacation home lots. These locations could serve to attract long term visitors to the resort.

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The main focus of the project is gambling, with a lot of work put into making the various casinos bigger and better than anything that has been seen in the country before. But there will be other ways for visitors to enjoy themselves and find relaxation and leisure. One of the standout aspects of the resort aside from the casino is the SPA and Wellness center. There will also be a discotheque and entertainment complex, which could serve to attract major music acts to the gambling hub.

How is the Casino Expected to Help Tourism in the Country?

Caption: Costa Rica is already popular for travelers due to its stunning locations.

Costa Rica is a country that relies heavily on tourism in order to generate wealth, and the industry is a thriving hotspot for career opportunities as well. The Central American nation attracts more than 1.7 million tourists each year, with most of those coming from the USA and Canada in a flourishing industry that generates $1.7 billion per year, and estimates suggest that 80 percent of visitors are there for eco-tourism. These figures highlight just how attractive the country is to tourists, but they also suggest that there isn’t much appeal to those who aren’t interested in eco-tourism.

This is where the casino will come in. Having a massive entertainment complex such as the one planned for Limon Province will force traveling gamblers to reconsider their traditional holiday spots. The closest world-renowned gambling hub to Costa Rica is Vegas, which attracts 42.12 million people each year. It is conceivable to think that a proportion of players who were considering a Vegas trip could look to Costa Rica for a gambling experience in an arguably more beautiful setting. The fact that a brand new international airport is being built in the region will also help.

The rise of Macao shows that casino tourism can be extremely beneficial to a country. In 2010, the Chinese city surpassed Vegas in revenues and became a favored spot for high rollers who made up 66 percent of profits in 2013. Casino tourism doesn’t just generate revenues through gambling, it also helps to benefit various other sectors which crop up in and around the massive resorts. The catering and entertainment industries, for example, find a lot of potential in gambling hotspots.

Another thing to consider is the fact that this $400 million resort could be the start of many in Moin. If it is successful, it will attract other developers to the region. Before long, the city could be mentioned in the same breath as places like Vegas and Atlantic City. In this thriving industry, the growth is rapid and there could be numerous casinos in the vicinity within a few years of the opening of this spot.

Does it Have the Potential to Be Successful?

The big question is, does this new casino have the potential to be successful? If it is, it could lead to many more and also help boost tourism in the country massively. The fact that the casino industry is still growing at an alarming rate each year could work in favor of this ambitious project – rising revenue figures show how more people are getting into gambling games. The casino is being built in a place that isn’t usually renowned for gambling, but that shouldn’t be too much of a hindrance. Buffalo in Canada isn’t exactly a world leader when it comes to gambling destinations, but the Fallsview Casino Resort has been a major success. The mega-casino is just 45 minutes from the town and is situated near Niagara Falls. It shows that a lot of gamblers value good scenery to accompany the games. 

The online casino industry has helped a greater number of people discover thrilling games, like roulette and blackjack, and led a lot of people to seek them out in the real world. A similar situation came about with the rise of online poker sites. When online poker boomed in the 2000s, playing figures in the World Series of Poker spiked massively as players went to seek out prestigious live games. With online casinos, developers have continually strived to create a realistic gambling experience for players which reflects the exhilarating atmosphere of places like Vegas.

Commonly, modern online casinos will feature a live casino hub that puts players in touch with real-life dealers via a video link. It gives the sense that they are playing at the table just as they would if they had gone to visit the casino. From here, they can experience the rush of watching the ball spin round the roulette track or the thrill of seeing the dealer peal cards from the top of a deck. Playing online at first can help give players the confidence they need to play in the casino. It can also give them the sense that moving to a brick and mortar casino will provide even higher levels of excitement.

There is no doubt that the massive Casino City Caribe will be an attractive prospect for visitors to Costa Rica. Over time, it could easily lead to similar resorts and boost tourism in the country by a great deal. The sprawling casino is set to open in 2027.

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