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    Casinos Reopen Their Doors in Costa Rica

    Ricardo Menéndez, President of the Costa Rican Association of Casinos, explained that there is a lot of enthusiasm in the reopening, since they have...

    New Casino Resort in Costa Rica Could be a Massive Boost for Tourism

    When thinking of spots for mega casino resorts, places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Macao spring to mind

    Online casinos vs. Physical Casinos – What are the Main Differences?

    The choice between an online casino and a local casino is just like the choice between TV and cinema. Both media are – despite obvious differences – highly compatible and complement each other
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    Top 3 Online Casinos Sites for 2018

    New online casino enthusiasts often find it difficult to choose a reliable online gambling site due to the overwhelming number of available online casinos....
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    Tax on Casinos Approved in Second Debate

    San Jose - Last Friday, June 18th, legislators approved in second debate the “Ley de Impuestos a Casinos,” (Casinos Tax Act) which will...
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