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    In this new interview with Dr. Marco Muñoz Peralta of Dr. Marco Muñoz Cavallini International Dental Clinic, The Costa Rica News explores Technology & Dentistry in the XXI Century, and looks at the many advances in the Costa Rica dental industry including the rising demand in Costa Rica for implants.

    TCRN : Which are to you some of the most satisfying aspects of being a New Age Dentist?

    Dr. Marco: The new heights of technology that –dentistry– one of mankind´s oldest professions has reached in just the last twenty years!
    We do not need to go back to the XV Century to see the advances. I see the innovations almost daily at our Clinic. When I sit in front of our 3D CT Scan to plan a procedure for a patient, I know with certainty that I have the instruments and the knowledge to restore someone´s quality of life.

    Amazingly, dentists and engineers have combined their ingenuity and created equipment like our CT Scan, or the Zirconium CAD-CAM in our laboratory or the small implants we now place in your mouth improving the safety, the efficiency, the aesthetics and comfort in the process.

    CT — which stands for computerized tomography — provides a superior three-dimensional (3D) image that can be examined from every angle. That allows me and dentists from around the world to examine and analyze details like the location of nerves and sinuses before inserting implants or performing oral surgery, avoiding serious complications. In the lab, the CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design – Computer Aided Manufacturing) system is invaluable is invaluable in the design of very natural looking teeth in that great non-metal material called Zirconium.

    We do full mouth restorations that bring tears of happiness to our patient´s eyes. Their ability to smile, to eat, to talk clearly is restored and they can hardly believe it. With the aid of technology we are true ¨tooth fairies¨ making dreams come true.

    With the increasing demand for implants, most dentists –ourselves included– attend continuing education courses of dental implantology and new technology offered mostly overseas.

    Because of the kind of restoration that we can offer through implants which are improved constantly, dental implant treatment has been transformed from the last choice to the very first choice of treatment now offered.

    Implants are even angled now, so any kind of restoration can be attempted, keeping the invasiveness of the procedure to a minimum and the aesthetic results to the maximum!

    Computers are part of every dental clinic. Dentists are now offered many choices in planning procedures software. New and interesting machines are available to dental practices.

    TCRN: With so much covered already in your field, what is ahead?

    Dr. Marco: Our New age dentistry is exploring more in depth the use of laser, better porcelains and resins, more resistant products that can practically last a life time.
    Some scientists are exploring Nano technological materials for dental labs and more dentists are studying the different alternatives for bone regeneration.

    Miniaturization will also provide additional tools to improve your oral health. Technologies based on miniaturization and nano materials have a great potential, particularly with optical laser systems and computer-assisted informatics that we already see working in other fields like eye-sight and hearing. Teledentistry and virtual-reality systems, might be developed in the next decade!

    We need to work more in the prevention of gum disease and tooth decay, but the battle lines are drawn!

    The sound of the dental drills is diminishing and even methods of sedation are changing! Some dream of a future in which teeth will be ¨seeded¨ and re-grow.

    It is an exciting time to be a dentist. But you need to keep up, study, read about what is going on around the world!

    It is also an age in which Dentists are not as feared anymore!

    Today’s children are growing up with a whole new attitude towards Dentists and for me, technology has a lot to do with this new attitude.

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