Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Others Have Programmed You!

Un Uncomfortable Truth

First of all, what is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

An NLP is the repetition of action for a certain time until it is performed unconsciously. Routinary actions such as driving, in the beginning -when you were learning to drive- you had some trouble by carrying the whole process (seeing the mirror, following the marches with the accelerator, putting the signals, pushing the brakes, etc…), over time becomes unconscious. That is, your mind suddenly knows how to direct you, and do not connect again to the process with fear, because it makes it happen naturally.

They also programmed us through what we heard every day. For example, they programmed us with the Spanish language and they told us to say “hola”, meaning “hello” in English. In exchange, for countries like the United States or Canada, they programmed them with the expression “hello”, meaning “hola” for Spanish speakers.

Many people are surprised when they are told how they can program their mind for success, or to intervene in UNUSUAL programming. When we talk about useless programming, we mean that -very often- our mental programming might make us fail over and over.

Same person but different attitudes, perhaps due to different PNLs

For example, if someone told you that you were bad for Math and you believed it, and from there you think that you cannot take the finances of your home or your work, he did programming on you. It is like he had told you: “All bad-tempered people are worthless people!” and, as a consequence, you become reluctant to interact with that kind of people, since he programmed you uselessly.

On the other hand, we might say that your kids are not bad at all -despite what others might think. Thus you can realize that they give you lots of emotions and satisfaction, although their actions or attitudes are not always very beneficial for their own lives. So what? It is just part of your responsibility, as a father or mother, towards them; that is, to educate them or, said in other words, to “program” them for learning to be responsible people.

Similarly, this kind of message will be useful for many other people, so they can make the following question; what did they program me? And then put these issues: About sexuality; about money; about marriage; about friends; about work; about brothers or sisters; about God, among others.

Then, you start asking yourself questions like: Is that programming convenient for me? What kind of results does it have for my life? Do I have to always behave in a predictable way? What do I think of myself?

In many ways, the issue of NPL is something that you should always reflect on…

VIAAbelardo Canelo
SOURCEGloriana Mora
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