Jump Start the Romance in Your Marriage With an Anniversary Getaway

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – We are living in a busy, hectic world. Even if you have a great relationship with your spouse, it can be challenging to find time to truly connect in the midst of all the busyness. You and your spouse love each other, but your time and attention are pulled between your work, family and personal obligations.

    If you’re ready to reconnect with your spouse without distractions, consider planning an anniversary getaway. Something about getting away from home and your normal routine allows you to focus on each other instead of everything you need to get done.

    Choosing a Time

    Whether you’re planning a surprise getaway or coordinating the trip with your spouse, it’s important to select the right time. The weekend surrounding your anniversary is a logical choice, but don’t be afraid to choose a different date if it works better with your schedule.

    If you have children, coordinating a date is a little more challenging. You want to choose a time that doesn’t conflict with any of their special events, such as sports tournaments or the school play.

    You also need to consider your work schedule. Traveling during less-busy seasons at work can help make your trip more relaxing. When everything is under control at the office, you can focus on your spouse instead of thinking about all the tasks that need to be completed when you return to work.

    In addition, you can also choose dates that fit best with your budget. Whether you’re heading to a beach resort or skiing in the mountains, there are certain times of the year that vacationing is most expensive. Stretch your hard-earned travel dollars further by steering clear of the busy season or choosing weekday instead of weekend stays.

    Choosing a Destination

    Deciding where to go is one of the most fun parts of planning an anniversary getaway. You want to find a place that fits well with your needs and budget, and you also need to consider your spouse’s preferences.

    At times, it can seem difficult to find a place both you and your partner will enjoy, especially if you have different personalities and interests. However, marriage is all about compromise, and it’s not impossible to find an ideal destination for both of you.

    For instance, an ideal vacation for your significant other may include plenty of time at the spa while you love hiking, boating and other outdoor activities. To meet both of your needs, you can choose a destination like the Mohonk Mountain House  that offers both types of activities.

    If you’re trying to keep your travel costs as low as possible, search for destinations within driving distance to avoid having to pay for expensive airline tickets. You can also travel for less by choosing accommodations that have at least a small kitchenette. You don’t have to cook all your meals in your room, but you can save every day just by enjoying breakfast or lunch in your room instead of dining out three times each day.

    When you take the time to research your options and consider your significant other’s wish list, you can create the perfect anniversary getaway without spending a fortune. The time you get to spend relaxing and reconnecting with your spouse during your trip is priceless, and the two of you will love creating lasting memories.

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