Mother’s Day and Its Celebration According to the Dates and Cultures of Different Countries

    Celebrating mothers should be every day, but there is a very special day to remind them even more how much they are loved and how grateful we can be for their presence in our lives. Not in all countries it is celebrated on the same date and Costa Rica has a special history

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    Mother, mom, or mommy, they all pronounce it with love and many say it in their own way, but there is only one and she brought us into the world, for them it will always be an eternal thank you and to celebrate them a special and opportune moment. They, the mothers, prepare us to face various life situations, but not to live without them…

    The celebration of mothers’ day varies depending on the country and its culture, but always with the same objective to remind them of the value they have in our lives, to honor them.

    In Spain they celebrate it on the first Sunday of May; in Brazil, Chile, Cuba Ecuador, the United States, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Colombia and Venezuela it is celebrated every second Sunday of May; in Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico on May 10; In Paraguay, in addition to celebrating Independence Day on May 15, all mothers are celebrated;

    May 27 is celebrated in Bolivia, on the 30th in Nicaragua and on the last Sunday of May in the North of Santander, Colombia; On August 15, Costa Ricans celebrate their beautiful mothers and that day is also the day of the Assumption; in Argentina it is the third Sunday of October and December 8 in Panama, which is also the Day of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin.

    Mother’s Day versions

    In 1932, due to an initiative of the NicolásUlloa School, Mother’s Day is celebrated every August 15 in Costa Rica.At that time, 91 years ago, the President of the Republic, Cleto González, established by executive decree Law No. 79 on August 10, 1932, amended by Law No. 4627 of August 3, 1970, which declares on August of each year as Mother’s Day in Costa Rica.

    The intention to celebrate mothers comes especially from the United States, because in 1873 women from 18 cities came together to hold a special meeting on this date.

    Later in 1907, the activist Ana Jarvis wanted to dedicate one day a year to her late mother and to all the mothers in the country, from there the tradition gained strength, so much so that it spread throughout the country.

    Seven years later, President Woodrow Wilson decided that Mother’s Day would be celebrated every second Sunday in May on American soil and other countries around the world adopted that date to honor them.

    In Costa Rica, the special date has several versions regarding the celebration of Costa Rican mothers

    Have you heard about Evangelina Solís Salvatierra? Evangelina, at the beginning of the 20th century, during a public act of awarding awards to the best students in a school, considered that mothers should also be recognized, for the simple fact of raising their children.

    From that moment on, the initiative to celebrate all mothers was taken, after being decreed by the National Government Palace.Let’s say that thanks to the version about Mrs. Evangelina Solís Salvatierra, Mother’s Day is celebrated in Costa Rica.

    First celebrations in other countries of the world

    Researchers highlight that Mother’s Day celebrations date back to ancient Greece with celebrations in honor of Rhea, the mother of the Gods.The contemporary origin of this celebration is from the activist Julia Ward Howe who in 1872 suggested the creation of Mother’s Day as a way to unite women and advocate for peace.

    In the case of Mesoamerica, the Mayans worshiped Ixchel, goddess of the moon, love, fertility and gestation, and the Mexicas worshiped Tonatzin —a term used to designate different female deities— who was “the mother of everything that exists.”

    What do you think?

    The Costa Rican Assembly approved that the enjoyment of the holiday will return to August 15. The National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur) issued a call to the Legislative Assembly so that it does not affect the calendar of long weekends approved by Law 9875 that, from 2020 to 2024, moved the enjoyment of the holiday from various festive dates to Monday, with the intention of encouraging local tourism.

    In this way, the Costa Rican Assembly unanimously approved a paperwork waiver (which would allow rapid approval) for a bill by liberationist deputy Kattia Rivera Soto (file 23,386) that returns to the Mother’s Day holiday to August 15th.That is to say, that the enjoyment of the Mother’s Day holiday for this 2023 is scheduled for Monday, August 14, while for next year it is set for Monday, August 19.

    Valuable, exemplary, warrior Costa Rican mothers

    If we talk about Costa Rican mothers, it is to highlight the example of all, sacrifice, love and their different ways of getting ahead with their beloved children.Despite the fact that this May 14, the second Sunday of the month, the date is not celebrated as such in Costa Rica, we wanted to highlight some Costa Rican mothers, also in honor of all those who have resided in the country for many years and are natural from other nations that have the custom of celebrating them on this day.

    We begin with Laura Chinchilla Miranda, mother of a young man, recognized as the first Costa Rican woman elected as president of the country from 2010 to 2014. Imagine, she is among the eighth woman to have been president in Latin America.

    Sandra Cauffman, is a woman, mother, pride of our country that we take into account. She is a specialist in Electrical Engineering and Physics, noted for her work at NASA in different positions. UN Women has highlighted her on various occasions, as “as a positive example for women, youth and girls.”

    Let’s talk about Amanda Moncada, a woman, an incredible Costa Rican mother, who with more than seven decades of life today continues to be an example of a woman who gets ahead despite life’s circumstances. Passionate about fashion, for so many years she has been in charge of dressing so many women of different ages and builds, for her there are no limits, today and always we applaud her standing up.

    Keyna Aguilar is a mother and entrepreneur, a lover of nature, with an inexhaustible faith in God and a promoter of caring for the planet through the EcoFair. She told us about what being a mother has meant and about her mother’s teachings, which she puts into practice with her children.

    For Keyna, being a mother is the most important job, “being a mother is the most beautiful and valuable gift that we life can give, the most dedicated and difficult, because from the families, from the home, from a mother the new humanity that we are forming is born, the beings that are going to lead this earth at some point are born, it was the first vision I had when I get pregnant, -understand that what I will be able to do in this life, the way I decide to educate my children, will leave a positive or negative legacy, of course I want to leave a good one that benefits not only my children but to all the generations that come after them,” she said.

    The Tica as one of the leaders of the EcoFeria in Dominical, added that her mother gave her and her brothers the most beautiful teachings, “she is a very warrior woman, very alternative, who took us out of the city when I was 3 years, to a farm where we could grow with nature, because she wanted us to understand the importance of growing with the land and with God in our hearts, from there her enthusiasm for creating communities and ways of educating that were accessible to people that they were in remote areas like us at that time, then those teachings have been my guide to educate my children, also with that same philosophy of giving them an understanding of love for the land, God’s guidance and wisdom, the importance of work, of dedication, of having discipline, of seeing life in a different way, that is, of allowing ourselves to have a different way of thinking than others”.

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