Moringa – Another Small, But Mighty Plant That Prevents Cancer, and Much More!

Used as medicine in South Asia for centuries – they must know something!

The ‘official’ name for this magical plant found in South Asia is Moringa Oleifera, but most people know it simply as Moringa.  It has been used for centuries in traditional medicinal remedies.  And there are a lot of reasons why.

In leaf and powder form

Those looking for a boost in their over-all health might want to consider adding this to their diet.  Moringa has 75% more Vitamin A than carrots, it has 4 times more calcium than found in milk, and 3 times more potassium than found in bananas.  This little plant certainly packs a powerful punch in terms of the benefits to be gained from adding it to your diet.  It helps with both healing and prevention.  It can used for a wide variety of health issues, such as diabetes, anxiety, skin disorders, depressions, and problems sleeping.  As it can balance your blood sugar levels, it can help with energy boosts when you are tired and need a pick-me-up.

In fact, some humanitarian aid organizations are using Moringa in underdeveloped countries to address the problems with malnutrition found there.  These organizations are using it to keep people from starving while increasing their nutrition levels.

Moringa can be used to replace those vitamin supplements, or if you are concerned you may not be receiving enough vitamins and minerals from your diet alone.  One simple serving of the Moringa leaves include:


Look at all that good stuff


There are many reasons why this medicinal plant is such a powerhouse.

  • In juice form

    Helps Build Strong Bones – improves over-all bone density as the plant has such high doses of calcium and iron.  Really valuable for teens during those growth spurts to boost their stamina.

  • Prevents Cancer – it actually stops cancer from forming as it fights free radicals, and contains many different anti-oxidants.  As it contains high Beta Carotene and Vitamin C doses, it can be an effective shield to protect against free radicals.

Relief From Headaches – use the leaves of this plant to make juice, and simply sip it for headache relief.

  • Eye Problems – grind the leaves into a creamy paste, and can be used to soothe problems from conjunctivitis.  You can add honey to the juice to address corneal problems, or simply to reduce swelling.
  • From the pods of the Moringa tree

    Lower Blood Sugar – preliminary scientific studies are being conducted, and finding promising  results for those suffering from diabetes in balancing blood sugar levels.

Purify Blood – simply add the leaves and pods to soup to clear acne and skin problems.  As it has antibiotic properties, apply the juice on your skin to clear acne and pimples.

  • Anti-aging – as it contains such a mega dose of Vitamin A, it helps to slow down the aging process while also strengthening the immune system and vision.

You can add Moringa to your health routine in a variety of ways.  Moringa capsules are now available at many health food stores, or through online suppliers.  It can also be purchased in tea bag form, easy to brew up a cup and replace your morning coffee.  Many purchase the leaves, seeds, and fruit to create their own powder to add to foods or juices.  But it is important not to ingest the root or its extracts as these can be toxic.

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