MEP presents changes in teaching English

    In 2017, students in preschool of the I and II cycle will reach the basic level A1 and A2 in English, which will give them the ability to communicate in everyday situations using basic vocabulary and grammar.

    That’s part of the explanation of Sonia Marta Mora, Minister of Education, who presented the curriculum reform in English. The chief added that in regards to the students of the third cycle and diversified education, they will reach the B1 level which will allow them to cope in most situations that arise when you are in places where the language is spoken.

    Mora made the presentation at the Juan Mora Porras school in San Jose and told the school that the MEP aims to repeat phrases learned by heart. On the contrary, they seek that students master the language and know how to respond,  and know how to ask and handle situations of everyday life.

    In the MEP they warned teachers that this is an ambitious program.

    As for bilingual education and diversified forms, Mora said that with these programs seek to achieve the B2 level, through which they can interact with native speakers.

    Present at the event was the US ambassador of Costa Rica, Fitzgerald Haney.  He specifically stressed the importance of the changes so that children and young people can develop in this globalized world.

    In the MEP, they highlighted the contribution of the Embassy for 2 years that this change was promoted.

    Before the development of the curriculum, a diagnosis with 237 teachers, 19 regional advisers, 321 students and 11 specialists from universities on needs was made.

    Alicia Vargas, Deputy Minister of Education, recalled that an earlier diagnosis noted that 80% of students who graduated high school had not mastered the language.


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