Medical Tourism in Costa Rica: The Top 10 Most Important Things to Know

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    Medical tourism is gaining more and more traction these days

    In response to exhausting wait times and skyrocketing costs, people from the U.S. and Canada are beginning to seek out international doctors for the surgeries, dental work, and preventative care that they require. With high-quality surgeons and top-notch facilities, Costa Rica is on the forefront of this movement.

    Most people have questions about what medical tourism involves, how much it costs, and if it’s safe. In response to this, we created a list of the Top Ten Most Important Things to Know About Medical Tourism in Costa Rica.

    If you’re thinking about traveling to Costa Rica for medical care, pay attention. This list might do you a lot of good.

    1. The doctors are legitimate. Many of the doctors and dentists were trained in American or Western European medical schools.
    2. The equipment is safe and modern. The hospitals and clinics are first-rate—they are sterile, comfortable, and up-to-date. You won’t find old equipment or shoddy facilities here.
    3. English is spoken. Don’t worry about the language barrier. The doctors and medical staff usually speak fluent English.
    4. The costs are much lower. On average, medical tourists save around 40-70 percent by having a procedure done in Costa Rica.
    5. Dental work and surgery are common. Although people travel to Costa Rica for all types of medical care, dental work and surgery (including plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, and general surgery) is most common.
    6. The waiting time is minimal. Most doctors and dentists can see you almost immediately. They are flexible and willing to adjust their schedule to accommodate foreign patients.
    7. You can recover on a tropical beach. There are recovery centers scattered across the country in beautiful areas. These centers will help you regain your strength and health after a medical procedure.
    8. Make a vacation out of it. One of the best things about medical tourism is that you can combine it with a vacation. Go visit a volcano or a rain forest and then head to the city for dental work.
    9. You have options. Websites like HuliHealth allow you to read reviews of other medical tourists and choose a doctor that fits your needs.
    10. Your insurance might pick up the tab. Insurance is a complex question, but some companies are beginning to offer coverage for international doctors and hospitals.

    Medical tourism in Costa Rica is booming. The doctors here are fantastic and eager to accommodate foreign patients. If you’re in need of dental work or surgical procedures, look into combining a trip to Costa Rica with medical care.

    You might just save a ton of money and have a stellar nature vacation .

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