Last week and over the weekend, rumors have been flying around Costa Rica Facebook pages that the government had approved the use of medical marijuana, but according to Costa Rica’s Social Security System this is not true, however they are moving the process forward.

Last week on Thursday, the Caja board members drafted a bill only to propose the regulation of cannabis for medicinal use. While the Caja concluded they would not oppose the bill in its current form, they also agreed to draft at least three separate articles regarding the regulating of cannabis. They also stated the issue will be decided only by lawmakers.

There will be no proposal to legalize the recreational use for marijuana, but only for research and control of medicinal use of cannabis plants. It was made clear that it will only be made available to registered patients.

The bill is focused on growing, harvesting, processing, storage, distribution, manufacturing, transportation and sale structures, as well as authorized purposes and uses.

The proposal will be discussed and voted on possibly as early as next month.