Man Pleads to Laura Chinchilla to Stop Alleged Violent Predator

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    Note from TCRN editor: The following video and email were sent to us by a man alleging that his friend was the victim of a violent crime and that the two of them are now fearful for their lives because they spoke out against the assailant. The text and video below contain the details of the alleged crime and we ask that readers under 18 years of age please refrain from reading.

    Submitted by: Steve Bryant
    Costa Rica

    We are asking people from across the world, including key human rights activists, women’s rights activists, public intellectuals and citizens groups to support a global petition demanding action from Costa Rican President, Laura Chinchilla. (We have now heard that this should be addressed to the Fiscal General Jorge Chavarría.)

    • August, 2010, 62 year old Patricia Simpson of United Kingdom was burned with cigarettes, had lighter fluid poured on her stomach and private’s and set ablaze in her home in Costa Rica. She was left to lay on the floor and denied assistance and medical attention by her landlord and gardner for four days.
    • August, September & October 2010, Patricia Simpson repeatedly contacted the local authorities for help and was denied. She attempted to file a formal complaint and police report against this man and was denied.
    • November 26, 2010, her friend Steve Bryant took her to the Defensoria de Habitantes in the country’s capital where she was allowed to file a complaint against her attackers.
    • November 28, 2010, Patricia Simpson’s friend, Steve Bryant of Canada reached out to the world via YouTube to ask for assistance to bring this issue to the President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla.
    • November 30, 2010, Costa Rica Canal 6 featured the story on the 6pm and 11 pm news to bring awareness to the crime. Once again Patricia Simpson and Steve Bryant asked for assistance in bringing justice against the men who did this. Steve Bryant of Canada raised a fundamental point of principle, which is “how can this 62 year old woman be attacked in this way and receive no police assistance and no help in aprehending the men who did this to her”.
    • December 1, 2010, Steve Bryant posted the news story on his youtube channel. The story began to appear on facebook and other social media channels. Three other victims came forth to share their similar stories of being stalked and attacked by the same man.
    • December 2, 2010, The website appeared with the aim to bring worldwide attention to the stalking against expatriate women crimes occuring in Costa Rica that are not being prosecuted. Another victim states that 3 years ago she had a similar ocurance and stalking is not recognized as a crime in Costa Rica. The man implicated is a US Citizen. Her court documents say he is utilizing the lack of law protecting women from this crime to continue to make violent attacks on expatriate women.

      NOTE: The reason the site focuses on the stalking aspect is to show there is a pattern and one that escalates to further violence. Stalking often ends in femicide. There are tell tell signs that give it away. CR needs to recognize this is a pattern, a pattern that repeats and gets more and more aggressive. This is an ongoing process for this type of predator. Women are not safe until he is locked up. By the local police and his gardener being involved, this is “organized stalking”.
    • December 3, 2010, Online petition to Laura Chinchilla created. Please help this cause by signing the following petition:
    • December 5, 2010, Victim number 5 speaks out against this man.
    • December 6, 2010, Update video posted to you tube and visitor’s hit over 22,500. Here is the channel that holds all of the videos:

    CHARGES AGAINST HIM ARE NOT LIMITED TO STALKING. They include: Assault, Attempted Murder, Arson, Assault and Battery, Rape, Extortion, Corruption, Grand Theft Auto, Stalking & Much More.

    UPDATE FROM STEVE BRYANT:  “I, Steven Bryant, born Canadian, am terrified for my life, for my safety and for the safety of Patricia Simpson, English born. I exposed Steven Allen Bucelato as the person responsible for horrific acts committed to Patricia on youtube, asking for the help of the president. Thursday the Second of December 2010, I went with a man claiming to be working with the President of Costa Rica’s office to Esterillos and began to interview witnesses that could offer some testimony to bring this man to justice. What we heard was bone chilling. We were told that this man is involved in child trafficking, and exploitation of women. This man befriends poor families and helps them with basic food and shelter and then uses that relationship to exploit the children for his own use and for sale. That he has orchestrated fake sales of houses and land and uses the profits to further his attacks on innocent victims.”

    At this time we are also seeking US Victims or Witnesses to speak out. This man has lived in Connecticut, Vermont, New York, California, Virginia and Florida. In his very own words that he admits being put in Fairfield Mental Hospital when a Red Head he loved rejected him. A surviving victim of an attack that also took place in Costa Rica said he was “ritualistic with the knife” he attacked her with and his method of attack with her was strangulation.

    *The views and opinions expressed in the above article are solely those of the author and do not reflect those of

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