10 Surefire Ways to Improve Your Business Communication Capabilities

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    Looking to Improve Your Costa Rica Business Communication Capabilities? Check Out These 10 Premier Video Conferencing Options:

    We all know the benefits that multi-way conferencing tools can offer businesses. Based on a survey Quocirca conducted, businesses who regularly use video observed improvement in the following: productivity levels, teamwork performance, and cost savings. It also resulted into ever lower travel expenses for the companies. In addition, survey results determined that 80 percent of participants attributed their savings to speedier business resolutions and giving employees more time and thus improving work and life balance.

    With more than 85 percent of North American users are connecting with work colleagues through video and about 90 percent of North American companies that have office spaces dedicated to the use of web conferencing systems. So why aren’t more companies using them? Lack of knowledge, failure to adopt new technologies and leverage them in the business? Cumbersome systems, lack of contacts, complicated set-up and troubleshooting procedures?

    Not anymore. Web conferencing systems have gone a long way since the first of its kind came out. For businesses that aren’t familiar with some of the best names in multi-way video conferencing systems, here’s a list to catch you up:

    1. Blue Jeans

    BlueJeans Network is the company behind Bluejeans, a cloud-based video conferencing service that allows users to communicate through a host of devices and platforms. Quick to install and easy to use and understand, this one offers high-quality video communication at low costs to companies.

    1. Jabbster

    Want a social media channel you can dedicate to your own office family, one with a homey but clean and professional feel? Then go for this one. It has features that allow you to hold online meetings. Whether this involves planning for someone’s birthday or getting the final word on the office Easter celebrations, Jabbster offers users handy benefits. From photo-sharing perks to event announcements, you can get in touch and receive regular news from everyone on the team, wherever they might be.

    1. GoToMeeting

    This is a desktop solution you and your team can use for meetings as well as online conferences. It offers three types of products—GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and the last, GoToTraining. Application sharing along with one-click recording, drawing tools, live chat abilities and more are just a few of the useful features of this service.

    Keep in mind that GoToMeeting isn’t a free service though and charges $49 per month. However, it does offer users a 30-day trial at no charge. Take advantage of the trial to get yourself familiar with the system and see if it’s compatible with the needs of your team and the business.

    1. Twiddla

    A web-based system with features that make it possible for users to markup sites as well as images and graphics with a whiteboard. Web conference calls are also possible. The free account though is a bit limited. Those looking for advanced features can go for any of the three other paid plans offered: Professional which charges $14 a month, Enterprise which goes for $49 a month and the Universal plan, which is at $189 a month.

    1. Vyew

    Enables meeting and content sharing. Has forum, voices, activity tracking and more. Plus plans go for $9.95 a month while professional plans are $19.95 a month.

    1. 321Meet

    This offers unlimited online meetings in its public beta 2 form. The site is free but upgrades are not. Upgrades, though, eliminate the ads and commercials common in the free account.

    1. Skype

    You’ve got to download the application before you can use Skype. However, it does offer group video calling, which is a pretty neat feature. Seeing everyone on your team is easy and fun with this feature from one of the best known names in messaging tools.

    1. Facebook

    Online video calling, in partnership with Skype, is a feature available on Facebook, along with the group chat text. Since most people have FB accounts, reaching out towards your business contacts this way might be more convenient, though a bit less professional than some might want.

    1. Google Hangouts

    You’ll have to install Google voice and the video plugins for this to work. However, when you’ve got things finally up and running, you can take advantage of video chats in Gmail as well as iGoogle and even Orkut. Seeing all your office pals at one time is easy and simple with this feature.

    1. Yugma

    This is a free service you can use to host online meetings and online conferences. It also has five paid plan types: P2 at $24.50 for a year, P20 at $9.90 a month, P50 at $34.95 a month, P100 for S79.95 per month and P500 which charges $159.95 a month.

    These are just a few of the web conferencing systems—free and paid—available out there. Explore these choices and give your business the tools it needs to stay competitive and on top of the game.

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