Learn Why Savegre River Became a Biosphere Reserve

    47 ecosystems, 71 endemic specimens and 180 bird species have been identified in the Savegre basin.

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    Savegre rises in the little Providencia creek which comes down from the summit of Cerro de la Muerte (Death Hill) to then merge with the Division River. It runs 41 kilometers as far as the Pacific Ocean waters in the Manuel Antonio National Park.

    In only 590 square kilometers, Savegre River is a wonder of nature. It houses 20% of the Costa Rican flora, 54% of mammals and 59% of the bird species of the country. It’s just a beauty.

    It was declared a Biosphere reserve by UNESCO during the third week of June this year. Biosphere reserves promote the conservation and sustainable development of natural resources.

    A number of 180 species of birds dwell in San Gerardo de Dota, one of the most attractive rivers in the country. Quetzals live in this area. This bird species dies if caged.

    No wonder that researchers and biologists from the United States, Spain, and Germany are very common visitors to this biosphere reserve. They are usually sent by prestigious universities to perform field work. This area contains around 47 different ecosystems, 71 endemic species of palm trees, ornamental trees and other plants. There are also jaguars, tapirs and other types of Wildcats.

    Savegre’s residents are the protectors of this place. They are against wood cutting; instead, they promote tree planting.

    Due to the weather, the majority of the accommodations have chimneys and heating system. There are log cabins, ponds with trout, and lands with apple and hass avocado plantation. Not to mention the friendly people who are always eager to guide tourists through this astonishing paradise.

    Savegre Basin is part of Perez Zeledon, Dota, Tarrazú and Aguirre. It only covers 1.5% of the Costa Rican territory, and it’s not the heavenly paradise but it looks like that. The weather is amazing. If you go to Western San Jose, it is 30 C, and 12 C near Savegre River. This river is only 80 kilometers away from the capital city of Costa Rica.

    You can go and come back the same day. Your lungs will be filled with fresh air; your eyes will never forget the scenery and your brain will get stunned with so much beauty in only one place.

    Take a look at this video. A must-see!

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