Laura Eisenhower Launches An Ultimatum To The Elite That Enslaves Humanity

This UFO researcher has revealed a powerful message for humanity

Laura Eisenhower Launches An Ultimatum To The Elite That Enslaves Humanity

Laura Eisenhower is the great-granddaughter of the former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who in life was known to be the first president to make a pact with aliens. She states in recent statements that the alien invasion has already happened. Continue reading the article for more details.

At the beginning of her video Laura Eisenhower mentions Bill Gates and a chip that is intended to be implanted n people. She considers it to be to a form of domination and control on humans.

According to Laura’s words, she warns that: “… do not believe that you can suddenly put vaccines in our arms to use us as a source of property, something else is coming behind that, completely disabling  your ability to do give consent. We are sovereign beings and this plan is a violation of the codes of The Creation.”

The Alien invasion has already happened

aliens 2020Laura reveals that the extraterrestrial pact was almost carried out with alien beings in 1954. But the human elite rejected the proposal because the aliens demanded that nuclear weapons be eliminated, to which they flatly refused.

It is important to know that these beings are macrocephalus, with large and slanted eyes, their arms are thin and elongated with 4 fingers. Their skin is bright greyish, they are beings of small stature, although their heads are large. These beings are said to communicate telepathically, according to people who claim to have had contact with them, and point out that they never made a sound from their mouths. They are recognized for having high technology and great knowledge of genetics.

The human-aliens alliance has allowed access of extraterrestrial technology to humans. That is, the aliens had been granted a permit to experiment with a limited number of people. However, over time it has been discovered that these creatures violated the agreement and exceeded the agreed limit of abducted humans.

What was Laura Eisenhower’s message?

In her speech, she emphasized that the alien invasion has already occurred and that world leaders keep it a secret. Furthermore, that the earth was already divided by beings from another world and that these leaders were aware of it.

He specifically pointed out to the governments of the US, China and Russia to cover up all the information regarding the extraterrestrial contacts that have existed in the world. As well as abductions that have occurred for decades.

For those who do not know, abduction is the act in which one or more extraterrestrial beings take a terrestrial living being against their will, kidnap it and take it to a certain place, generally to their own spaceship.

People who are trying to create a new world order

In a recently released video she calls on the members of CABAL, that is the organization linked with the “Illuminati”, the thirteen most powerful families in the world. Those who control global finance and the media.

Laura defines them as “people who are trying to create a new world order.” For her, these elite have been manipulating the human population. In addition, they have pacted with demonic forces to achieve their dark plans, using taxpayer money to embark on secret space, arms and global control projects.

“Violating in this way the cosmic natural laws and the harmony of Mother Earth, they want to be our owners, to control and possess us, stamping out our free will”, states Laura who also revealed that, “although this elite has the support of draconian beings, who are beings who want to modify humans to make them their slaves”. However, she vehemently stated that, “these beings will not be able to fulfill their evil mission.”