Laura Chinchilla Voted Best Dressed President but Worst Governing

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    Laura Chinchilla Miranda is the best dressed president of all American presidents, according to Vanity Fair, but according to Consulta Mitofsky is the worst Governing on the Continent.

    Chinchilla recently invested about 160 million colones in her image but the Ticos perception towards her does not improve.

    Despite the high investment made, experts agree that neither the clothes nor the millions in campaign help overcomes a series of poor decisions, especially the latest in the granting of the San José-San Ramón bid.

    The San José-San Ramón grant cause a massive explosion of protest with the government’s refusal to remove even review negotiations.

    “However, I must express my concern about the way some sectors (…) decided to attack the work, pollute the discussion and exacerbate tensions (…) we have to deal with petty interests, which hinder projects (…) simply because they were not awarded to their companies, “said the President in her speech.

    Fernando Zeledon, Political scientist explains that the President began her government delegitimized, from her successors, the Arias brothers, after the scandals with Route 27 and the legislative research commission concessions after the issue of Nicaraguan invasion and Trocha Calero Island, these were three moments that marred the public opinion.

    Chinchilla has been accused of poor management and misuse of resources under the emergency decree regarding the Nicaragua Costa Rica Border Trail.

    Analysts agree that Chinchilla is likely to make no further action in these matters, hoping that there is no more controversy to complicate the situation.

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