La Selva Biological Station; A Model of Environmental Management

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    The government of the United States will bankroll the station and other organizations.

    The financing program aims to support all the sustainable plans promoted by the Organization for Tropical Studies (OET in Spanish).

    La Selva Biological Station, located in Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui is close to being a model of environmental management, thanks to the financial contribution that the EARTH University and the OTS will receive from the government of the United States, which will be used for the reconstruction of the facilities.

    biological station

    The contribution of $1,300 from the American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) will enable these organizations to purchase sustainable technology and construct new spaces for scientific research.

    According to S, Fitzgerald Haney, such financing is an example of the interest shown by the United States in working along with the Costa Rican government in favor of the sustainable development.

    Management of funds

    The Organization for Tropical Studies will be donated 621,000 dollars in order to optimize the management of La Selva Biological Station. In addition to this, the contribution will be useful in the construction of a sustainable model which promotes a better use of natural resources for economic and environmental purposes.

    On the other side, the EARTH University is about to receive $700,000 for the building of new dorms on the campuses located in Guacimo and La Flor, which will absolutely raise the number of students applying for short-term residency programs.

    In 2003, the EARTH University was given 13 donations from the ASHA program, totalizing 8.5 million dollars.


    Since Dr. Lesle Holdridge bought out La Selva, the site has been a good example of environmental management due to a better promotion of its biodiversity. Later, La Selva was transferred to the OTS, which is an organization that comprises American and Costa Rican universities. These changes have enhanced higher education as many people have graduated with an outstanding preparation in the ecological field since then.

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