Know Your Rights And Duties As A Tenant And Landlord

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    If you are a person who has tenants or is a tenant in a house or an apartment, you know conflicts between the two sides often arise due to situations such as the use of the property or economic aspects. Many of these disagreements could be avoided if both the landlord and tenant knew their rights and duties.

    Here are a number of tips for a landlord or tenant in order to prevent possible conflicts:

    Describe the details: Before making use of the property, it is important to create a contract detailing the state of the property and its particulars, even if the home does need some minor repairs. This will eliminate potential disagreements or differences in the future for either the landlord or the tenant.

    Be clear on the use of the property: If it will be used as a dwelling, or an office, a craft shop, or trade, it is recommended that the landlord knows this potential use to avoid any possible misunderstandings.

    Know the rules of the condo: A condo usually has expenses for maintenance of the common areas as well as defined policies related to co-ownership, such as pet ownership, parking spaces, and use of common areas. The potential tenant in a condominium should be aware of these rules and regulations, and establish which party will assume the responsibility for the maintenance fees.

    Define the length of the contract: Under the laws of tenancy in Costa Rica this length of time, if not established within a contract, is understood to be for three years.

    Report on repairs: Under the laws of tenancy, the landlord must correspond to any report of repairs needed. However, if within 10 days the landlord has not addressed these needed repairs, the tenant is entitled to exercise their rights and can use a portion of the rent towards the cost of those repairs.

    Be aware of previous annual increases: Ideally, the rent increase is balanced with the inflation rate, so that the cost is assimilated into the rising cost of living. This increase should not exceed 15% annually.

    Landlord visits: By law, the landlord is entitled to make a monthly visit during agreed-upon hours. Each case is unique, but it is best if the frequency of visits is detailed in each contract.

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