Know the Benefits of Mandalas for Your Wellbeing

The benefits of mandalas

The benefits of mandalas are multiple, they help to focus attention, therefore, they are an excellent exercise to calm the feeling of stress and anxiety that we live within modern life, the same way the mandalas help clear your mind.

The word mandala means ‘sacred circle’. These representations in the form of circles are used in different cultures, such as the Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and in some Indigenous tribes, as an artistic element or a means for a person to his spiritual self. In Eastern cultures it is believed that each color in a mandala is associated with a chakra. These energy centers are connected with our being and with the environment and promote wellness.

It is important to know that a large number of art therapists design mandala coloring books for adults, since they know their multiple and extraordinary benefits. Coloring these geometric drawings helps us reduce stress, achieve a state of calm, focus on the here and now, above all, connect with our inner self.By coloring mandalas we take a journey towards our essence, illuminating areas of ourselves that until then had been hidden. In this way, we allow the wisdom to sprout from our unconscious.

Therapeutic benefits of mandalas

Mandalas have been recognized in psychology as a therapeutic element. The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung proposed that they are representations of our mind that facilitate concentration, transformation and assimilation of unconscious aspects. He suggested that we can project what we feel and think through mandalas.

Psychology and mandalas

• Transpersonal psychology views mandalas as an exercise in fostering deep connection.

• Cognitive and behavioral psychology see them as a tool to improve higher functions such as memory, attention, perception, and motor coordination.

• In Occupational therapy, through cognitive stimulation they favor performance in daily activities.

Other benefits of mandalas

1. They bring relaxation

Mandalas are designed to free us from worries because they favor concentration in the present, which is why they are a powerful relaxation tool.

2. Deep connection

Mandalas make it easier for us to connect with the most intimate aspects of ourselves, thus promoting self-knowledge. They are a wonderful exercise in reflection of our place in the world and the relationship we have with others.

3. They promote harmony

Mandalas are a form of meditation that help us focus our attention. In this way, they promote harmony, since through their shapes and colors, energies flow, which transform negative aspects into positive ones, bringing balance to our lives.

4. Creativity

Mandalas are an artistic representation of free design, that is, we can draw them as we like. An interesting aspect of the mandalas is that they are related to creativity because they allow colors and shapes to be used freely. In other words, they facilitate the creative process and are a source for generating new ideas. Furthermore, each figure and color represent unconscious aspects of the person.

Mandalas for Decoration

Mandalas can also be used to decorate our home or workplace. Some decorative ideas are:

• Paint mandalas on stones and use them as ornamental objects.

• Knit a mandala and use it as a blanket.

• Put a mandala tapestry on the wall.

• Make decorative pictures.

As you have seen, mandalas provide many benefits for our emotional and psychological well-being. These artistic representations are a source of relaxation, liberation and have deep creative power.

“Each mandala is unique and unrepeatable … It is the vibrational expression of this moment, of this now”, Celina Emborg.

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