Keep Your Costa Rica Pet Happy and Healthy With Preventative Parasite Care

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Taking preventive measures may help ward off fleas and ticks from your pets and at the same time, prevent the development of diseases related to these parasites that could even be the death of your dog or cat.

    Darwin Kaminsky, Bayer veterinary medical advisor, explained that there are generally 2 times throughout the year when parasites affect animals more, but they may also affect humans.

    The vet explained that these two times are just before the onset of heavy rain, mainly before September, and then just when the rains end, between November and December.

    “However, generally in Costa Rica with the type of weather we have, temperature and humidity is fairly constant throughout the year, so external parasites such as fleas and ticks are usually present all the time.”

    Seek timely treatment to prevent disease

    According to the vet, there are some related to these parasites, which if not treated in time could lead to the death of your pet diseases.

    For instance, fleas can cause a gastrointestinal internal parasite, called Dipilydium caninum and occurs when the dog or cat swallows a flea after scratching or licking it and it comes into contact with the digestive system.

    When the parasite enters the body, the pet may have symptoms such as weakness, diarrhea, stools are seen as grains of rice or cucumber seeds.

    Additionally, the flea bite can cause allergic dermatitis in some pets. “It happens because the flea when it bites, it has proteins that cause allergies in some dogs, then the dog is scratching excessively, starts losing hair, sometimes there are secondary infections of the skin.”

    With ticks, the most common disease in Costa Rica is called Ehrlichiosis and is a blood parasite which can cause weakness in pets or reluctance to eat causing death.

    That is why, according to the vet, it is important to maintain control of external parasites and to be alert to any warning signs.

    He explained that owner can take preventive measures such as spraying the environment to lower parasite load, and lessen the chance of getting fleas and ticks. He also said that there are some products that are used directly on pets, such as drops, powders and collars that act as repellents.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose, Costa Rica

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