Just Drifting Through Life

    An Essay on Giving Meaning to Your Existence

    If this is life, it is not worth living it, some will say. Others abstract themselves from what surrounds them, make their own reality and get lost in what they assume, not having an object as if they do not believe in their existence, so many times empty, with no alternative to cope with reality.

    Now, what is really what the human being of our day, wants, craves or is possessed by the anguish of existence? It is difficult to answer with precise premises, since in the measure of the passage of time has made life more complex, leaving the subject no more than the mere possibility of defense, against psychic and social elements, increasingly strangers to its spiritual texture.

    The strength of oneself’s willpower

    I say of the spiritual texture all that scaffolding that has been structured deep or superficially in the existence as an individual. Unfortunately, there are only fragments, which have been shaped to give answers most often compulsive or circumstantial, starting from being a fragmented spirit, anxious in appetites and desires, usually inhibited by not being able to satisfy them.

    Of course, we must also take into consideration the material conditions in which the spirit unfolds, that is, the level of life framed within the process of technical and scientific development of society where we survive, creating the defacement or adaptation to the reach of experiences, when we become attached or detached from that daily technical-scientific confrontation that could produce pleasure or displeasure. The influence of technology in everyday life is evident: it produces greater speed. Such is, for example, the mere enjoyment of leisure, as a by-product.

    In advanced societies, that leisure almost does not exist as such, the individual is extremely careful not to waste seconds even of his valuable time dedicated to productivity, according to him. There maybe we would give the reason, to whom says that life is not worth living or supporting for others. Well, we believe that it is not like that without more possessions, concerned only in being in tune with the metaphysical fact of producing a thing, an object. Is not a person reified when transferring its desires and appetites to producing that “something”? Is not that transmutation metaphysical? And even without being aware of what is produced.

    Well, life is indecipherable if you do not have control or do not have the guidance to go in search of a point from where you can start. Once we have reached the point, we see that life is inexhaustible. For life is eternally the same. They can change the conditions of life, they can change nations or systems, but life cannot; because it is rooted in abundance, and not in scarcity. This last condition is unnatural. The good thing about this is that it does not increase or decrease. Unreal people believe that a position of power or a mountain of money makes you bigger than others. And it is not like that.

    Life teaches that it does not increase or diminish with the conditions of the very structure that confirms it. We have to go to the inexhaustible foundations of our own life. It cannot be that the superficial prevails in all orders. The superficial sickens everything that touches. Staying in the superficial removes the essential condition of things. Exhausts all intention of natural development, because all superficiality in the order of life leaves without satisfying that desire to be with one’s deepest needs, in superficiality everything is insufficient, it is equivalent to not having even tried to put an order in our true existence.

    Each situation experienced, has a confrontation with several factors, or many of them, that are intertwined according to the steps taken by the individual in his experiential process. Let’s see it in this way, a human being is unique, he lives the experience that no other has lived in the thousands of years that humans have on this planet; but let us be sure, that in the next centuries that we expect humanity to follow the course of evolution, no other human being will have exactly the same experience as you.

    It is there where the philosophical declaration of a Greek named Heraclitus is settled when he determined that: nobody bathes twice in the same river. It is true that when we see the river bed and it is there, it remains indefinitely; but the waters that fill that channel pass and pass, and never stop. Therefore, whoever enters the flowing waters of the river, has only one opportunity to go through that experience.

    As well as that perception that Heraclitus made when he had the certainty of the philosophical and practical truth of what he had discovered, which cannot even be refuted by his forcefulness, but if, to compare it with the flow with what we designate as life.

    This is life, we say when we are stupefied and without any explanation before the immensity of the real things that surround us. Given such consideration, man has to create new scenarios that satisfy the desires and anxieties that are according to that fluid state in which we find ourselves. We cannot remain in a single and deficient mental context when reality indicates that we have to nourish more and more with new ideas and new positions because the meaning of living will no longer be something that must be found and imposed in an absurd universe.

    That is why the infinite spaces will be under the sphere of the men and women of the future as a continuation of the nutritious and benevolent biosphere. In order to achieve the success of the coupling of a man with his surroundings, he has to adapt his mind to new conceptions of the self with that begins outside of the bodily state. The human being will have as a result a feeling of cosmic connection of belonging to a greater configuration. This could be understood as the true salvation of the human, but also it could also be understood as the unnecessary condition of salvation.

    What we have to wait is to have the intelligence, the will and the spirit ready to reach the understanding and the necessary maturity so as not to obstruct the natural transit of things; as to say I am at peace with myself and with what surrounds me and thus be able to venerate our bodies, because they allow us to make our lives possible; Secondly, to venerate each one of us and our planet, for giving us every day, the opportunity to share for a moment the millions of instants that occur through the social process on earth.

    Evidently, much improvement or spiritual exaltation is needed to get closer to the yearning for experiential pleasure, the product of inner serenity. Then we touch what is understood as spiritual oneness. It is that continuous and daily exercise that elevates by the union of the theoretical knowledge with the acquired experience; producing elusive wisdom, mother of even more elusive happiness or well-being.

    Let us think that mankind is capable of creating an entire system of trial and error learning, which together with its adaptation to natural conditions could give answers that are in harmony with reality. It must, of course, be a natural and individual experience. It would have to begin with the dismantling of the current spiritual texture that overwhelms and denatures the collective. Give it the importance of the natural, as an element that surrounds the creation of an original state of being one with the Universe.

    VIATCRN Staff
    SOURCEDavid Rivas H.
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