Joaquin Phoenix and His Passage through Costa Rica

A country that gave him peace of mind during gray days

Recently, in an interview conducted by Vanity Fair, the actor and Oscar contender Joaquin Phoenix talked about losing his brother River, and then how he and his family went to Costa Rica to get away from the media and the pressure of Hollywood.

After the sudden death of his brother River, in 1993, in a nightclub in Hollywood, Joaquin with his family escaped the siege of the media after the tragedy. Costa Rica offered the family a place where they could have their private mourning for months; then, Phoenix traveled with his mother to New York to audition for a role in “To Die For”, along with Nicole Kidman, both as main characters, and which he managed to obtain, which meant the definitive takeoff as a recognized actor, with complimentary critics that pointed to him as revelation in the industry.

Joaquín Phoenix a sensitive artist.

Joaquin is an actor who has been characterized by keeping his private life on the sidelines and when he is interviewed he always talks only about the film projects he is promoting at the moment.

However, in the recent Vanity Fair interview, the actor talked about some aspects of his life that many people did not know, such as the reason why he became a vegan at a very young age, and anecdotes with his brother River.

Vegan since childhood.

With only three years of age, Joaquin Phoenix decided to be vegan, this was when his family was on a cargo ship, bound for Miami from Venezuela after abandoning their lives as missionaries and followers of the Christian sect “The children of God ”, with which they traveled throughout Latin America.

The actor comments that on that ship he and his brothers watched in horror as the crew whipped fish on the ground and then ate them. At that time, says the actor, he realized that the fish he had eaten “had been tortured”. “That scene for me at the time was so violent, so intense; I still have the memory alive with my mother’s face, trying to justify us, while we shouted at her: ‘How could you not tell us this?” Phoenix remembers. After that, the whole family became vegan. The actor regarding his eating habits commented, “I don’t like junk food, I don’t like processed foods, but I can still eat some fries or a damn sandwich”.

The anecdote with River.

For Joaquin, arriving in Costa Rica to cope with his mourning was a way to get away from the tensions of Hollywood and the pressure for uncomfortable interviews that would be sought about the death of his brother that some media entertainment outlets like making in these cases.

Joaquin Phoenix comments about an anecdote with his brother: “Long before we went into the entertainment business, we were in Florida, in the kitchen, and he said: ‘you’re going to be an actor and you’ll be better known than me’, my mother and I looked at each other in the face and said what the hell is he talking about? I don’t know why he said that or what my brother knew about me. He had not been acting at all. But he said it with real seriousness, with the knowledge that seemed so absurd at the time, and now in retrospect, I think: ‘How the hell did I know?”.

Joaquin Phoenix is the favorite to win the Best Actor Academy Award.

The Oscar 2020 awards will be held soon and Joaquin Phoenix is the favorite to win “Best Actor Award” for his performance as Arthur Fleck in Joker. Since the premiere of Joker in October last year, the performance of Joaquin has given much to talk about and is that the critics have placed him as one of the greats in this season of awards.

In addition to Best Actor, the movie Joker is also nominated in the categories for Best Film, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Edition, Best Makeup and Hairstyle, Best Original Soundtrack, Best Mix of Sound and Best Sound Edition. But we will have to wait until February 9th, to know if Joaquin Phoenix takes the long-awaited statuette.

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