iPad Starting to Replace Books in Costa Rica Universities

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    iPad Starting to Replace Books in Costa Rica Universities (Archive Photo)
    Some universities in Costa Rica such as University of Costa Rica Hispano beginning the transition from books to iPads.

    Now, students of Health Sciences of the University of Costa Rica Hispano will use iPad in classes. The university now offers funding, confirmed the university spokeswoman, Laura Gonzalez.

    “We will work with more than five editorials between ibooks, theses and journals”, completing a library of more than 5,000 digital materials, explained Gonzalez.

    For the University, this decision represents a paradigm shift to encourage an educational methodology supported by the e-learning.

    Students now can access to information is a way you can’t with tradition paper books that is more attractive and interactive.

    This digital/tablet trend started only in 2010 with Ipad and was quickly adopted in many facets of the corporate world and now has the potential to significantly impact learning and schools especially in developing countries that are traditionally behind the curve. There has already been a significant paradigm shift in many North American schools and Latin America is quickly adopting this new learning model. And as more Latin America schools evolve and migrate to digital learning, the up and coming young work force in Latin America is expected to be able play much larger roles on the global market.


    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose Costa Rica

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