Since June 15, clients of the National Insurance Institute (NII) can be involved in a minor accident; they will no longer have to wait for a traffic officer.

The insurer has made changes to the policy conditions and is eliminating the contractual obligation to call the traffic officer, which previously could be a cause of decline or application of other contractual measures.

With the change, the only responsibility will be to notify the event immediately to 800-800-8000 so that an NII accident inspector will despair.

“In response to the recommendations that policyholders have made to us, thinking about their comfort and also contributing to the reduction of road dams, this is what we announce these changes; which we are sure of the quick agreements and greater facilities”, assured the head of the Direction of Subscription of the NII, Grace Segura.

The new procedure allows drivers to agree on-site, move vehicles faster, and can bypass calling Transit.

In addition, it will be positive for health, since, by resolving the conflict faster, it minimizes the contact time between people, which in light of current circumstances is favorable.

Those who use this procedure will no longer have to go to the Courts to declare, nor will the accident rate of their policy be affected and, consequently, no increase in premiums will be generated.


  • Agility in the process
  • Less waiting time
  • It is exempted from going to the Courts of Justice to declare
  • Zero increases in the renewal payment of your premium for the use of MAD.

In the event of a minor accident the driver must:

Call 800-800–8000 and wait for the NII accident inspector to arrive.

Take photographs from different angles showing the damage caused.

Read the digital form that you can download from the NII page, the NII 24 / 7 applications or request it from the Inspector during the care (Minor Accident Declaration form – MAD -). It constitutes an affidavit.


  • MAD (Minor Accident Declaration) entered into force in January 2016.
  • Drivers are obliged to carry the printed or digital MAD document. This can be downloaded from the NII website ( or from the website of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.
  • Once signed by the drivers, the MAD constitutes an affidavit.
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