How to Educate your Child from Home?

    Educate in difficult times.

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    How to Educate your Child from Home
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    Possibly when you educate your child at home you lose patience quickly, it usually happens more now in these times of coronavirus, if that is your case, you should continue reading and take into account any of the following tips.

    Why do parents yell at children?

    On some occasions, parents limit themselves to applying the family models or schemes that they used with them in their childhood.

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    Like other times we believe that by screaming your child will get the batteries and they will get a brilliant adult.

    In most cases, this is wrong and negative for your child’s growth.

    Most parents think that they should stop yelling at their children but then, without realizing it, they surprise themselves by resorting to yelling again and again.

    The scream indeed draws your attention at first, but in the long run, it will cease to affect, and then what will we do? Scream louder? That is not a viable solution since your child will become more rebellious and without limits, speaking to them in a good way will help your child change that attitude.

    Is it possible to educate without screaming?

    Photo: Pixabay
    Photo: Pixabay

    Obviously yes. It should be our choice. Our children have learned not to obey until they see us angry and this is a bad habit they have acquired.

    Therefore, it is a habit that we must make disappear, generating a healthier one.

    Stopping screaming is not easy, we know because it involves having self-control over our emotions, especially the anger and rage generated by seeing disobedience.

    Scream less, love more:

    Yelling can hurt children more than we think can cause an immediate change in behavior, but in the long term it can cause a real change in behavior, so if you yell at your child to educate her, correct that attitude on your part.

    An example is worth a thousand sermons.

    From a very young age, children tend to imitate all our behaviors, good and bad.

    We can take advantage of everyday customs such as greeting, behaving at the table, respecting the rules when driving; so that they acquire correct habits and, little by little, they take responsibilities.

    It is useless to always lecture them with the same story if their parents do not do what they ask.

    The communication, the looks, the gestures, and the expressions that we use help us to know ourselves better and express everything that we feel.

    Limit and discipline, without threats.

    They must be taught to separate feelings from the action.

    The rules must be clear and consistent and must be accompanied by logical explanations.

    They have to know what happens if they don’t do what we ask. It is important that the child and we also understand that her feelings are not the problem.

    Let him experiment even if he is wrong.

    The best way for children to explore the world is to allow them to experience things themselves.

    Overprotection sometimes protects parents from certain fears, but not our children. If every time you fall or are hit, however small we are, we are alarmed to help them, we will be encouraging them to complain and getting them used to continuous comfort.

    Do not compare or disqualify.

    It is necessary to eliminate phrases like “Learn from your brother“.

    It is not convenient to generalize.

    Reinforce good things.

    It is proven that positive reinforcements, gestures of affection, stimuli, and rewards are more effective than a scolding or a scream.

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