Activities that We Could Put into Practice at Home with The Little Ones.

Leisure time…

Activities that we could put into practice at home with the little ones.
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When you can not leave the house and leisure comes through the window, it must be developed within the home; the idea is to have ideas for games and activities that always involve all members of the home.

Enjoy an afternoon at home without anyone getting bored.

Children always want to play at whatever time. The monotonous afternoons are over that do not contribute anything to your children.

It is not always necessary to leave home or organize special plans to entertain one or more children. Nor do we need to spend money taking our children to shows, amusement parks, organizing parties or evenings at home with entertainers who could be the parents of us.

Plans that are away from home are not always the most fun, you can also use them at home.

Games for children at home from 1 to 2 years.

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Forget about your child’s whims, tantrums, and lack of patience.

We can’t go to the park anymore, but don’t worry. There are plenty of games to play at home with young children.

It is at this age when the child begins to learn the first social rules, through limitation.

Note: Experiment with the first physical skills of walking, running, manipulating.

Activities They Could Do At Home.

  1. The costume box: In a cardboard box or a basket, there you will put everything you can use to make small role-playing games. Example an old carnival wig, a cape, a nightgown, a hat, a pair of plastic glasses …

Once disguised, you and the children can make up stories in which to play a character.

The decantation game.

For the settling game, plastic bowls, chickpeas, pasta, lentils, and flour are necessary. Put everything on the kitchen table. Give your child a small cup or spoon and encourage her to decant food from a full bowl into an empty container. Start with the largest pieces (for example, the pasta) and end with the smallest. In this way, the game will become increasingly difficult.

A Cardboard House.

Or a car, an airplane … Everything is possible if we have a cardboard box big enough for the child to fit inside.

To make the house you have to place the box with the opening down and cut the holes in the door and windows (we will do it).

The child can be in charge of decorating it, he can paint the tiles, the fireplace, flower pots, a mailbox, etc.

When finished, you can play with it.

To make a car, the box is placed upside down, so that the child can get inside. He was in charge of drawing the wheels, the controls.

Pillow fight.

It is a great way to start the day or end the nap.

Ideally, one parent will secretly partner with the children to surprise the other.

It is a harmless battle that requires little means (a few cushions and pillows are enough) and large doses of good humor.

The treasure game.

To play you have to find an object, which can also be a prize for those who find it as a bag of sweets. The game starts with the first clue you give them, the idea is to create a series of them on paper that takes them from one corner to another in the house and keeps them entertained while they search for treasure.

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