How the Vehicle You Drive Impacts the Curb Appeal of Your Real Estate Business

How the Vehicle You Drive Impacts the Curb Appeal of Your Real Estate Business


If you’re a real estate professional, the vehicle you drive matters.

Like how curb appeal affects how people react to a property, your car speaks volumes about you and how you run your business. As an agent, you need to project success and professionalism at all times because it helps build confidence that you are the best at what you do.

Why the Vehicle You Drive is So Important

The car you drive is essential for your real estate business because it is an extension of your office. Your clients will often ride with you to visit a site or property. You get to talk to your clients along the way, gaining their trust and confidence. A spacious and quiet vehicle is better than a cramped and noisy one.

It’s all about playing the game of human nature. More often than not, the sale always goes to the person who’s able to put his/her best foot forward. First impressions last, and your car is one of the first things clients will see.

Know Your Target Market

It’s important to note that you should choose a vehicle that relates to your target market. If your clientele is rich and famous people who don’t mind luxury, then splurging on an expensive car is justifiable. If you serve the middle-class, tone it down a little. Driving around in a shiny Ferrari might intimidate them.

While new cars are always better due to the fewer headaches involved (and the fresh car smell), buying a quality used vehicle is also a good option. Make sure to do a car history check first before buying it, to avoid further problems down the road.

Professionalism in Display

While some might argue that a car doesn’t define a person, it is the complete opposite in real estate. It’s all about keeping up with appearances and projecting success. The current state and type of vehicle you drive speaks volumes. Here’s how.

Your Level of Responsibility

How you treat your car shows a lot about how responsible you are in life. If your vehicle is always clean inside and out, chances are you are an honest and organized person. Your clients will see this once they see you drive up in your car and when they step in. A clean and shiny old car is better than a dirty, smelly new car any day.

Always make it a point to wash and wax your car regularly. You should also make sure that the interiors are clean and clutter free. Get a good vacuum and clean the carpet, mats, and seats. If you have children, make sure your cars don’t have any toys, food or stains.

Your Confidence and Success Level

The car you drive can be an indicator of your success and confidence as a real estate agent. It’s all about perception. Expensive vehicles usually project that the person driving it is wealthy and successful, and vice versa. We’re not saying you should splurge on a BMW, but having a well-equipped, quality vehicle can go a long way.

Your Ability to Take Care of Your Clients

Being reliable scores big points on real estate clients. Making your clients feel secure in your car tells them they can count on you to keep their interests safe. A small car in a rough road is not the best of ideas.

Make sure that your clients can sit comfortably at the back while having a conversation with you. A large SUV that can handle unpaved roads and sudden weather changes is an excellent all-around option.


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